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     Bill Cody Artist Profile
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    While his name harkens back to one of America’s most celebrated Wild West heroes, “Buffalo” Bill Cody, (yes, he is a distant descendant), Bishop, California-based Christian artist Bill Cody’s enigmatic voice and inspired lyrics on his latest Penny’s Gang Records (PGR) release entitled, “Alive and Risen” are more inspired than “wild” -- lifting the hearts of everyone who hears them with their messages of encouragement and comfort.

    Born in Santa Monica, CA, Bill Cody honed his rock-tinged vocal style and drumming skills playing in various bands in and around Southern California. As gigging in rock bands gave way to playing in the more personally satisfying arena of church worship bands, Bill Cody realized that expressing his faith in music was the perfect combination of his life’s two great passions.

    Cody’s contemporary Christian songs, including the title track, “Alive and Risen” are songs of love, hope and peace and Cody’s voice has garnered a wide variety of comparisons – ranging from classic rock vocalists such as Dan Fogelberg and Journey’s Steve Perry -- to the more contemporary classical comparison of Josh Groban.

    While Bill’s vocal sound may draw differing comparisons, there is no mistaking the singular message of his music, "The messages in my new album are meant to give people comfort and hope while expressing God’s heart to the listener. While I love to sing songs of joy and faith, in today's chaotic world, it seems to me that people need comfort, healing and hope as never before," 
says Bill.

    Chosen as a featured performing artist for Christian Ministry festivals throughout the world, Cody’s approachable sound and compelling lyrics have garnered him a loyal and enthusiastic following. Recently, Cody performed in Singapore and Hong Kong as part of Dr. David Eckman’s, Becoming What God Intended Ministries’ (BWGI) “Struggle For the Heart” seminar. BWGI Ministries is a dedicated team of Bible teachers and counselors who are committed to the belief that the Bible - understood and applied - will bring health and healing to individuals and families worldwide.

    Other tracks on Cody’s debut CD include: “Fear Not Mistakes,” “You’ll Never Know” and the touching, “Prison Child.”

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    sharklet (159)
    :) | Posted August 29, 2010
    I like the vocal style.

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    thevickay (13)
    Hello! | Posted August 17, 2010
    God Bless!

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    great | Posted August 16, 2010

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    Jakodog92 (42)
    Hmm | Posted August 13, 2010
    Not sure what I'll think of this artist, the recommendations said if you like Steven C Chapman and Michael Sweet. I love Steven C Chapman, but I dislike Michael Sweet So I guess I'll just have to check and see.

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    Great Band, Great Message!! | Posted August 10, 2010
    Great Band, Great Message!!

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    :) | Posted August 10, 2010
    love the music

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    gizmodad (58)
    cool | Posted August 10, 2010

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    NRTRAWX (70)
    yep | Posted August 09, 2010

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    :) | Posted August 08, 2010
    you're rockin!

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    Wow | Posted August 08, 2010
    He's related to Bill Cody? Cool! Glad he's a Christian!

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