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    Kim Hill
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    "Worship is my the craziness of my life, whether it's in real crisis or the 'fire drill' of getting my boys to school in the morning, focusing on the Lord through worship helps keep everything in perspective." -Kim Hill

    The latest offering from the Grammy nominated, multi-Dove award winner Kim Hill is a beautiful reflection of a heart tempered by worship titled Surrender. Worship Leader magazine says, "Surrender is filled with redemption and tinged with doubt, yet it's God's perfect deliverance that resonates throughout making it among Hill's best work."

    This is the fourteenth national release for the twenty year music veteran and Hill continues to offer what we've come to expect: a fresh perspective, great content and the deep, resonating vocals that is synonymous with her name. Surrender is her fourth worship CD, which was followed up her by her much anticipated holiday offering Real Christmas. In 2006, Kim released Broken Things which was a return to her rock roots with lyrics that highlighted the divine mercy she received while journeying through a difficult divorce and embarking on life as a single mom. Broken Things reminded many fans and critics of Kim's early work on her Grammy Nominated CCM classic CD, Brave Heart, as evidenced by the following radio interview.

    "Empowered, loved, lifted-up, redeemed; these are the words that come to mind when listening to Kim Hill's powerful new CD, Broken Things. This CD is aimed at those who need encouragement- the lost, broken, forgotten women who have been discarded or shamed because of a failed relationship, or simply because of their own insecurities." (Deep Impact Radio quote 2007)

    Kim was ignited with the desire to lead others in worship when Focus on the Family asked her to lead worship at their inaugural Renewing the Heart national women's conference held in Nashville, TN in 1997. She went on to lead worship for the rest of the conference series, impacting over 200,000 women during the four year run. "I'd always been a solo artist, so to encourage an arena filled with 20,000 women to sing with me to an 'audience of One' - rather than just sit there and listen - was an amazing experience," enthuses Hill. She's had the opportunity to lead thousands of women across America in worship since then, as well as several African women at a multi-denominational event in Nairobi, Kenya

    Kim continues to be a "favorite" for organizations such as the MOPS National Conference, Moody Bible Institute, Billy Graham's Training Center at The Cove as well as for noted speakers and authors Max Lucado and Angela Thomas. Kim has also been giving a lot of attention to her own conference series, Every Woman's Hope, which was created with longtime friend and former Focus Women's Director, Lisa Harper.

    Juggling the responsibilities of recording artist, worship leader, and single mother of two very active boys, Hill has found comfort and clarity in worship and encourages others through her music to do the same. "I think the trials of life help us see what really matters...they essentially illuminate our dependency on Christ and make His grace and mercy taste even sweeter. My personal journey has made me realize how desperate I am for the Lord to help me every moment of every day."

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