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    A Billion Ernies
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    Guten Tag! We are A Billion Ernies, a hardcore/ska (lolwut?) band from Germany. We enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pie, baseball, and everything else that is stereotypically American. We are 6 broke foos on a mission: to see how long we can live off of the kindness of strangers and make music that we love. We are owned by the US Government and therefore technically owned by the US citizens, so if you have any issues with the musical direction of the band, please email them to abillionernies@gmail.com. We will promptly tell you that we will do something about it, but will ultimately ignore it like most Government agencies

    We love God. We love music. We love it when people love each other. We love it when people that love each other love our music and come to our shows to show us love. If you are one of the tens of people that have done this over the past 26 or so years, we thank you and would ask that you do it again next time.

    We are on tour for life, and if you feel like helping us out in any way with anything, we would appreciate it. So if you want to make us food, let us crash on your floor, or even book us a show in your living room, that would rule.

    Peace, Love, World of Warcraft.


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    Twitter Updates
    RT @AmandaLeavelle: One week ago I was having much more fun that I am today. I want to be back with @CommunityRex.
    Posted by @abillionernies on 04.27.12 | View Tweet
    Hey y'all. How are you?
    Posted by @abillionernies on 04.27.12 | View Tweet
    RT @CommunityRex: Just posted a preview video of our basement studio session from yesterday. http://t.co/zhhEAYV @abillionernies @caddyw ...
    Posted by @abillionernies on 06.30.11 | View Tweet
    RT @CommunityRex: SHOW TONIGHT! @abillionernies and @caddywhompus at @DeathbyAudio in Brooklyn (49 S 2nd St) l 8pm l ALL AGES
    Posted by @abillionernies on 06.30.11 | View Tweet
    wrote an epic song for daniel yesterday
    Posted by @abillionernies on 06.30.11 | View Tweet

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