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    Eric Engerbretson is a talented singer and guitarist with a strong desire to spread the Gospel of Christ. His driving acoustic sound touches on many styles, and is especially rhythmic. To prepare for his work Eric received a Biblical Studies degree from the Lutheran Bible Institute of Seattle and completed three years of college music study. Eric has performed in 43 of the United States and 17 countries around the world. From 1985 to 1991 Eric traveled Europe using music, testimony and apologetics to share Christ in the public schools. He has worked extensively with organizations such as Youth For Christ, Youth With A Mission, Heart To Heart Poland, Atlantic Bridge Holland, and the State Churches of Sweden, Denmark, and Holland. Audience's have enjoyed Ericıs original acoustic music, buying over 13,000 of his custom albums at performances.

    Eric Engerbretson's music is being played on radio stations across the U.S., Holland and Denmark, and his albums have received glowing reviews in leading European Christian magazines. Though living in the U.S. now with his wife, Sylvia, and sons, Ian, James, and Alec, he still performs regularly at Europe's largest Christian festivals (Flevo, Opstand, Maata Nakyvissa, Evankeliset Musiikkimessut,etc.), tours blues clubs in Italy, and continues to do evangelism in high schools and colleges across Holland and Denmark. Eric has been asked to perform in the future in Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. In the U.S. he has been performing a great deal in the Northwestern states, doing concerts at many churches and colleges. Eric has opened for artists such as Phil Keaggy, Bryan Duncan, Susan Ashton, Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Daryl Mansfield, Larry Howard, Glenn Kaiser, The Kry, etc.

    Eric's latest CD, with WhiteStone Records of Los Angeles, "Lead Me To Life" has been released internationally. The first single, "He Loves It" is currently receiving airplay across the U.S. and parts of Europe. The album of mostly original songs features special guests Phil Keaggy and John Patitucci of the Chick Corea Elektric Band.

    Eric Engerbretson sets a relaxed tone at his concerts, expressing himself openly and often humorously. He shares candidly his experiences as a follower of Christ, and the wisdom he has gained in striving to be obedient. Eric has honed his ability to read the needs and desires of his audiences and tailors each program accordingly with an instantly accessible repertoire of over 250 songs, Eric is equally effective communicating to Christian or non-Christian, young or old. Eric Engerbretson is devoted, dedicated, flexible and open to any opportunity to share his faith and music.

    The Lord God reveals Himself to us and seals us in faith in such a variety of ways. For myself, there was no sudden moment of realization, no specific date of conversion. Rather, a gradual dawning of the truth of Christ over a period of many years.
    I was raised a Lutheran with mid-western roots. Though in some respects I was hindered by a distant, traditional approach to God, I had instilled in me very early the great truths of who God is and what He has done for us. Church youth programs and concerts revealed to me the importance of a personal, daily walk with God. I donıt thank God often enough for providing me such a blessed youth.

    My lifelong struggle, though, has been taking the truths from my head and bringing them to life in my heart. I have gone through long periods of rebellion, in many ways riding the fence, and God has taught me through much pain and disillusionment the difference between a true Christian and a person who knows the truth and chooses not to follow. This is the message that I feel I can expertly share with church audiences. Too many Christians are living passionless, impotent lives because walls of their own devising are separating them from intimacy with God.

    Ultimately, I feel my most urgent task is introducing Christ to people who have never had a reasonable presentation of the Gospel. But God has been teaching me so much about Christian maturity that I will always make sure that I am communicating to Christian audiences as well as non-Christian. I enjoy being there when God chooses to glorify Himself!

    Eric Engerbretson

    Matt. 6:33

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