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    A Rotterdam November
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    A Rotterdam November is a touring indie rock band that calls Boise, Idaho home some of the time.

    The band consists of four members:

    • David McCormick - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
    • Dylan Anitok - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals
    • Phil Stender - Bass
    • Joshua Krohn - Drums
    If you ever catch a live performance (and you should), you won’t come away pondering guitar spins or cogitating choreography. What will captivate you; however, is the convergence and intensity of the collective musical experience. One critic had this to say, “A Rotterdam November is almost like a rock-infused combination of Hillsong and the Goo Goo Dolls, with the vocals being a mix of Falling Up's Jessy Ribordy, Shawn McDonald, and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy." Other critics say the vocals are more a mix of Trapt and Acceptance.

    What’s up with the name? Well, Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands where the downtown was destroyed by bombing during WWII. At that time, Rotterdam was nicknamed, “the city without a heart.” However, the citizens rallied to replace the destruction with a new downtown and the city was reborn with a new “heart.” Metaphorically speaking, Rotterdam became an old city with a new heart. Translating this analogy to the human experience is at the core of the band.

    Of course, that core is Christ and His desire to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. Now, that brings up the question, "Are they a Christian band, or Christians in a band?" A question that gets asked often. Their response is, "If a person is a Christian, the purpose, meaning, and values of their faith should permeate every thing they do."

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    Twitter Updates
    We have not updated our twitter in forever! What is up EVERYONE!?
    Posted by @RotterdamNov on 06.30.13 | View Tweet
    Yo! ARN back up in here twittering it up y'all! http://t.co/vvX2aHjY
    Posted by @RotterdamNov on 02.06.13 | View Tweet
    Playing a show in Calistoga, CA at 2:00 PM today at Rock of Ages Festival http://t.co/X76olbcm
    Posted by @RotterdamNov on 10.06.12 | View Tweet
    Playing a show in Nampa, ID at 4:00 PM today at Fall to Worship http://t.co/4YdZhKk5
    Posted by @RotterdamNov on 09.08.12 | View Tweet
    Playing a show in Plymouth, CA at 4:00 PM today at Joshua Fest http://t.co/sSognkJO
    Posted by @RotterdamNov on 09.02.12 | View Tweet

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    . | Posted March 27, 2013
    If you haven't heard these guys, check out their song "Trainwreck". It's incredible. :)

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    Rivie (18)
    =) | Posted January 02, 2011
    LOVE THESE GUYS!!! They have such a unique sound and they are just incredible!

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