#56 - Out of this World
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers the best tweets of the past seven days in this weekly column.

By MaryNikkel_NRT

The last weekend of WinterJam featured a somewhat otherworldly setting, putting a whole new meaning to the phrase “not of this world.”
It was a busy week full of new releases, tour shenanigans, songwriting, and the usual dose of humor and words to the wise from your favorite artists. Catch up below.

As always, if you'd like to keep tabs on over 1,200 Christian artists, check out our exclusive NRTwitter page to read the latest tweets from the Christian music community. And if you've discovered some great tweets of your own, feel free to pass them along by using the hashtag #nrtweets. 


@itsbrittnicole: Hey!!! :) just a quick video to say thank you! :) I love my fans or as I like to say friends! #GOLD
(March 26)

Britt Nicole released her long-awaited album Gold this week, and she shared a video to thank fans for their support. Check it out if you’re one of those fans, or else pick up the album here and become a fan.

@therealtobymac: My brand new Remix Project Dubbed & Freq'd is officially available now on iTunes...BIG thanks to the FREQ'd remixers who went "epic legit"!! (March 26)

If you’re a dubstep fan who has been waiting to see if a Christian artist picks up on the bass-heavy trend... your waiting is over. TobyMac released a remix album this week, featuring remixes of his most popular tracks and a heavy dubstep leaning (as the title would imply).

@swprophets: Sitting next to @taylorswift13 on the #itunesmusic charts. #livelikethat -it's an honor. #fb (March 30)

You know you’ve “made it” as a band when you get to see your name next to megastar Taylor Swift’s on the iTunes charts. Sidewalk Prophets reached that point this week.


@DaraMaclean: Yes we are wearing the same v-necks and pants from the same place and no, we did not plan it. #wejustknoweachotherwell #heartsconnected #missmygirlsalready @karijobe @blancareyes
(March 31)

Accidental clothing coordination may be the official sign of effective tour bonding.

@relientK: Thank you for an amazing night, Biola! I hope you enjoyed@matthewhoopes catching snacks in his mouth. - EL (April 1)

Relient K played their first show in a few weeks at Biola University in California. They employed a few new stage tricks in the process...

@peteprevost: The most amazing and most terrifying dentists office I've ever seen! (April 1)

Either this dentist office discovered by Sanctus Real’s guitarist is for real, or else it’s the most epic April Fool’s prank in history.

@MIKESCHAIR: RT “@newreleasetue: @MIKESCHAIR Stolen After Peoria Show - // Our thoughts are with you guys!” Hilarious! And NOT true haha. (April 1)

Speaking of April Fool’s pranks, we were pleased to see that MIKESCHAIR read our fake April Fool’s news article about how THE chair was stolen out of their trailer. Click the link above to read the funny article (and check out all the others here). 


@BartMillard: Both producers walked into the my vocal booth and said "sing to us...oh yeah there's the problem." and then walked out.#ImNotPrettyEnough
(March 26)

Despite some apparent technical difficulties, Bart Millard wrapped up vocals for the upcoming album The Hurt and the Healer, due out in May.

@matkearney: Playing "Ships In The Night" on The Tonight Show with @jayleno tonight. I just said night a lot. (March 29)

Mat Kearney has been reaching new highs with his single “Ships in the Night...” and also possibly setting records for the most legitimate uses of the word “night” in a single tweet.

@Jake_WAH: Thinking I should write a song about bacon. It would definitely be a love song! Might need some help... (March 31)

Jake of We As Human came up with a fantastic idea for a new song this week. You could easily market this one, right? It could be almost universally relatable.


@nicholenordeman: Downside of having a musician parent: watching @thepioneerwoman cook on TV w/ Charlie & he goes,"I can tell she's lip synching" Whaa?
(March 31)

Warning: some career choices may have unintentional side effects. Particularly as an artist.

@superchicktrish: Had my last day in the studio today before time off for baby. And yes, if you were there you would've seen a 9 mo pregnant me rapping. ;-) (March 31)

Although Superchick lead singer Tricia Brock is anticipating the birth of her first child any day, she still took time for making music this week, possibly qualifying her for the “most hardcore mother” award.

@jamiegraceh: think there's 6 babies on this flight? 3 just starting crying? I don't get my children's ministry degree for another 6 weeks... #notreadyyet (April 1)

Artist and college senior Jamie Grace got a glimpse into her future this week... and it may have been a little more than she bargained for.


@Tedashii: Someone just told me they rubbed "holy oil" on their lottery Don't think thats gonna work. Hahaha
(March 27)

Some encounters provide an unusual amount of examples of what not to do.

@DanielBashta: Lesson of the day,friends don't let friends ride their moped if they have never driven one.The emergency room is always a good reminder. (March 31)

Worship leader Daniel Bashta discovered a new life principle. Given the outcome, we might all want to add that one to our list of things to remember.

@fiveironfrenzy: Its a good idea to not believe anything super crazy or awesome on the internet today kids. Heck, thats a good rule any day! (April 1)

Five Iron Frenzy posted this fitting reminder on April Fool’s Day. The Internet can sometimes be trusted, but never on April 1. We were happy to embody the spirit of this tweet.

Posted April 03, 2012 | Mary Burklin is a college student who loves Jesus and seeks to echo His love in everything she does. She loves art in just about all forms, but music is her passion and where she feels most at home.

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