#54 - March Madness
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers the best tweets of the past seven days in this weekly column.

By MaryNikkel_NRT

Spring is in full swing, and Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North is taking advantage of every moment. The Tenth Ave. guys have been hard at work on a new record, which you can expect to hear later this year.
Regardless of what is happening in the sports world, March seems to hold a madness of a different kind in the Christian music as quite a few releases accompany a tour season now in full swing.

As always, if you'd like to keep tabs on over 1,200 Christian artists, check out our exclusive NRTwitter page to read the latest tweets from the Christian music community. And if you've discovered some great tweets of your own, feel free to pass them along by using the hashtag #nrtweets. 


@FamilyForce5: "Paycheck" trailer is now live!!!! Check it and get yoselff ready for 03/20:...
(March 14)

A long-hyped video for Family Force 5’s song “Paycheck” will be releasing on March 20. You can check out the trailer now at the link above for a sneak peek.

@satsandsirens: Check out our new music video for our song "Make A Mess" (March 16)

Satellites & Sirens continue to release a new video every week. This week they shared a particularly complex video for their song “Make A Mess.”

@matkearney: Working on the final edits of "ships in the night" video. ADD epicness!!!! (March 18)

Mat Kearney will soon be debuting a video long in the works for his hit song “Ships in the Night.” According to a previous tweet, this video features 150 locations, and will definitely be worth watching.


@christomlin: just want to say thanks for all the "white flag" love today. such an honor to be a part of this movement!
(March 13)

The latest part of the Passion movement, White Flag, released this week. The project is backed by major Christian leaders such as Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin. The project also includes contributions by artists such as Kristian Stanfill, Christa Black, David Crowder*Band, and Matt Redman.

@AdamCappa: You can buy my new CD on iTunes right now!!!:) please?:) (March 15)

How can you resist when he asks nicely? Pick up Adam Cappa’s debut album The Rescue in stores or on iTunes here.

@paulbaloche: Apparently The Same Love is available on cassette now :) hilarious. thanks @mightymission #OLDschool (March 16)

Worship leader Paul Baloche released his latest project The Same Love this week. Maybe he’s discovered a new marketing technique? Accessibility in multiple mediums is important...

@bethanydillon: Thank you guys so much for your support of my EP To Those Who Wait! Super glad you're enjoying it. :) It's fun to finally share those songs! (March 16)

Bethany Dillon released a new Live EP this week. You can pick up the project and get a taste of her live performances here.


@calebgrimm: Anthem Lights M&Ms? Best gift ever
(March 17)

An inventive “Lightbulb” came up with a great gift for a very appreciative Anthem Lights.

@iamempire: Kingdom Richmond VA @iconforhire @sentbyravens @officialemery (March 16)

I Am Empire provided a bird’s eye view of one of the hardest rocking tours this Spring, headlined by Emery and featuring I Am Empire, Icon For Hire, and Sent By Ravens. Check any of the bands’ Facebook pages for locations and dates.

@lecrae: It's a full house tonite at our showcase @ SXSW. Thank God. Cause Nas is performing around the corner! (March 17)

This week Christian rapper Lecrae brought his solid style to major secular culture convergence South By Southwest to a packed house, providing a great example of what it is to proclaim the Gospel unashamed.


@thejasondunn: "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened"- Dr. Seuss Did I really just quote a children's author? Why yes I did, Sam I am.
(March 12)

Jason Dunn played his last U.S. show with Hawk Nelson this week. Although it might be the end of an era, the future of both Jason Dunn and the remaining Hawk boys is bright.

@matthew_west: Slowly :) RT @Taytaylorna: @matthew_west How do you read your Bible? (March 18)

Matthew West responded with some tongue in cheek wisdom to a fan’s question. There really is only one good way to read it.

@danbiro: I'm real! I'm really me! (March 18)

No, Hawk Nelson’s bass player is not getting over an identity crisis. In the past few weeks there has been a sudden flurry of Christian musicians achieving “verified” accounts on Twitter, certifying that they are in fact who they claim to be. The sudden change has a lot of musicians exclaiming.

Posted March 20, 2012 | Mary Burklin is a college student who loves Jesus and seeks to echo His love in everything she does. She loves art in just about all forms, but music is her passion and where she feels most at home.

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