#222 - "Through Your Eyes" by Worth Dying For
NRT's Kevin Davis talks to Sean Loche about the concept of seeing the world as God sees it.

With a mission to be not just a band, but a youth movement that can shake generations, rock-infused worshipers Worth Dying For released its newest project, Love Riot.

The five-member band has been part of Phenomenon--the youth ministry of Calvary Temple of Modesto, Calif.--for almost six years. What started out as a simple vision to write original worship songs for the annual Ammunition Conference turned into a youth movement of worship and originality.

Now the band is poised to let their songs resonate in the hearts of the young people across this nation. Fans of Hillsong United, Skillet and Evanescence will be drawn to the guitar-driven rock sound and the fresh lead vocals of Christy Johnson and Sean Loche.

“Our desire has simply been to see our city saved and a empower a generation to reach their cities for Christ,” says worship director of Worth Dying For and Ammunition, Christy Johnson, “Our music and creativity is the byproduct of that passion.”

Worth Dying For draws heavily on a theme that defines the band’s mission: Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild. Infiltrate every city with the gospel of Jesus Christ, destroy the works of the enemy, and rebuild today’s culture. This ministry is more creed than career, more mission than music. And the music--aggressive guitars, searing vocals and heart-provoking lyrics--speaks for itself.

“The mission and vision does not end with Worth Dying For, it is only the beginning,” says Sean Loche, one of the worship leaders in Worth Dying For. “We hope to inspire the next generation to continue writing songs for His Kingdom and learn that they can turn their calling and voices into powerful Ammunition to help people fall in love with Jesus.”

I had the great opportunity to interview Loche about the song “Through Your Eyes,” which features Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static).

Please tell me about the background message behind the song "Through Your Eyes."

As we spent a week in Nashville meeting with songwriters, nothing was hitting us the way we wanted. We prayed that the Lord would use us and speak to us through our music ministry and we reached out to Trevor [McNevan] to see if he had any ideas. We met up with him at his home studio and recorded this song together. The message to us is not just seeing the world through God’s eyes, the lost, the hurting, the broken; all Christians need to be challenged by those needs all around us. Beyond that, we need to see how people are capable of doing more through God than they even know. He’s called each of us to something greater than we are. If we see people that way, imagine all that we could accomplish.

Do you have a life verse or any Bible verses that you used to write the song?

Philippians 2:1-4: Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

What's the take-away message for listeners regarding the song?

I’ve been personally challenged by writing and singing the song, and the thought process behind the message of the song. We have seen the idea of people rising up to be more than they thought was possible, which can only happen through God’s strength. We are all ministers at our home ministry called Ammunition. We hold an annual conference, and every year we have thousands of people who attend who are broken, messed up and confused. Like anyone who doesn’t know our Savior, they need Him.

It’s awesome to see how people who don’t know Jesus are changed over the course of the weekend. We get to see them transformed the way that God sees them. God knows how they are changed and different after they encounter Him. Just to be part of that process of helping someone grow in their relationship with Christ is very humbling and very powerful. The people of this world want to see brokenness from Christians and not hypocrisy. That Philippians passage really challenges me as a believer.

Here are the lyrics:

Take the broken parts of me
Repair my willing heart
I put my faith in the unseen
I feel You right beside me
Break me down, and take me over

I hear You calling my name, I'm broken and changed
So I'll let out what's on the inside
I'll stand up, and be Your love
Just let me see the world through Your eyes

A million times I've made mistakes
And a million more You've covered me
Pushed my walls until they break
I feel You right beside me
Break me down, and take me over

I'm never going back
To the way I was

Here’s Matthew Henry’s commentary on Philippians 2:1-4: “Here are further exhortations to Christian duties; to like-mindedness and lowly-mindedness, according to the example of the Lord Jesus. Kindness is the law of Christ's kingdom, the lesson of His school, the livery of His family. Several motives to brotherly love are mentioned. If you expect or experience the benefit of God's compassions to yourselves, be compassionate one to another. It is the joy of ministers to see people like-minded. Christ came to humble us, let there not be among us a spirit of pride. We must be severe upon our own faults, and quick in observing our own defects, but ready to make favorable allowances for others. We must kindly care for others, but not be busy-bodies in other men's matters. Neither inward nor outward peace can be enjoyed, without lowliness of mind.”

I’ve long enjoyed the female rock vocal style of Evanescence and Flyleaf. Christy Johnson really displays a similar vocal style on the stand-out songs for me on this solid album: “Savior,” “Love Riot”, “Higher”, “Power Of Your Love”, “No Love Greater” and my personal favorite song from this album, “Through Your Eyes,” which features co-vocals by Sean Loche and a guest vocal by Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch/FM Static.

I love listening to this album during my commuting time when I want a pick me up album that glorifies God and gets me pumped about my faith. Love Riot is loaded with great rock beats, catchy melodies, and solid lyrics reflecting unashamed faith in Jesus. I can’t get enough of stand-out song “Through Your Eyes” as the rock beat, and Christy’s, Sean’s and Trevor’s vocals all grab me as the song cries out, “I want to see the world through Your eyes.” What a great challenge.

As I jam along with this great rock song, I am exhorted to consider what it’d be like if everyone saw each other the way that God sees us. We were created and made in the image of God. I love the lyrics, “I'll stand up, and be Your love, Just let me see the world through Your eyes.” What if the world was not about selfishness and pushing our own agendas but instead saw other people the way God sees us? Jesus tells us to see others as greater than ourselves. Amen.

Kevin Davis is a longtime fan of Christian music, an avid music collector and credits the message of Christian music for leading him to Christ.

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