#100! - Share the Stage
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers her Top 10 favorite tweets and photo uploads of the past seven days in this weekly column.

By MaryNikkel_NRT

The 90s Christian music roots ran deep down under this week as former dcTalk (and current Audio Adrenaline) member Kevin Max (@kevinmax) took the stage with former Newsboys frontman Peter Furler (@peterfurler).
Editor's Note: This week marks the 100th edition of Mary Burklin's Christian Music Tweets column! We've really enjoyed learning about the news, the releases, the thoughts and the crazy pictures posted every day by our favorite artists, and we hope you have, too! Let's congratulate Mary on hitting this milestone, and let's keep the tweets a-comin'!

This week saw more than its fair share of collaborations, challenging travel, and coffee (or lack thereof) rounded out by a smattering of anecdotes from life off the road. Keep tabs on your favorite artists' latest adventures documented via our trip around the Twitterverse below!

As always, if you'd like to keep tabs on over 1,200 Christian artists, check out our fabulous NRTwitter page to read the latest tweets from the Christian music community. 

#1 - Taste Testing
@jrmeadkutless: If you were wondering, dishwasher detergent tastes horrible. It may (or may not) be worse if you taste it on accident. #foryourhealth (April 1)
James Mead of Kutless clarified a burning question this week: no, dishwasher detergent is not an acceptable snack. Not even unintentionally.
#2 - Whistle While You Work
@gungormusic: Comping the first ever Gungor whistling track (April 5)
Apparently the latest development in Gungor’s ever-driving journey for originality involves whistling. Get stoked to hear how they work it in.
#3 - Coffee Incognito
@JustinF_WAH: I am non morning person trying to be a morning person today and failing at it miserably.. #Starbucks #Coffee (April 5)
Sometimes, no matter how much coffee you consume or how good your acting skills are... you just can’t be a morning person.
#4 - Apocalyptic Priorities
@scribblepotemus: It's not the end of the world that I didn't get coffee before this flight. #itstheendoftheworld (April 5)
Jars of Clay’s frontman might play it tough, but we all know the truth: coffee is as necessary as gas when it comes to fueling travel.
#5 - Exhaustion Exemptions
@jeremywillet: ALWAYS "randomly selected" for complete body search @ airports. It's my dark eyes,isn't it?Give a guy a break-last time I slept was December (April 5)
According to Jeremy of Willet’s tweet, maybe there needs to be a TSA exemption for “sleep deprived musicians” (who unfortunately often get confused with “creeps”).
#6 - High Altitude Allergies
@audreyassad: Why they still serve peanuts on planes is a mystery to me. Hey, let's serve something 1/2 the plane is allergic to, 10,000 ft in the air! (April 5)
Audrey Assad pointed out a very valid flaw in most airlines’ food policies. Maybe we could take a vote on an alternative?
#7 - Tourmate Tension
@macpowell: How come in the autograph line my photo is taken with phones w. camouflage cases & @coltondixon is taken with bedazzled ones? (April 5)
You can probably determine quite a bit about the contrast between Third Day and Colton Dixon’s audiences (and corresponding style choices) by this simple analysis of their autograph lines.
#8 - Danger Zone
@JFrankenstein: It’s either @DuncanPhillips snoring in the bunk above me, or a wild buffalo broke into our bus and is attacking @DuncanPhillips. (April 6)
If we don’t hear a verdict from the Newsboys bus soon, we might need to assemble a rescue party.
#9 - Look-a-likes
@JimmyNeedham: Note to anyone traveling through airport security:  A chromatic harmonica looks a bit like a handgun. (April 6)
Just a security word to the wise: harmonicas might do better in checked baggage. Of course the real question here might be which one is actually more dangerous.
#10 - Fearful Future
@jdimmel: I imagine my generation nursing homes, with Justin Bieber as hallway music and Gangnam Style in the dining rooms. It gives me nightmares. (April 6)
Jonathan of Satellites & Sirens provided this glimpse of the future. Imagine at your own risk.

#1 - Show Snacks
@joshwilson: This is how @scottywilbanks enjoys @coltondixon's set. #showsnacks (April 4)
After you’ve seen enough shows, sometimes they require some additional interest through adding snacks. 
#2 - Contrasting Climates
@joshhavens: Desert yesterday and snow today! Life on the road is crazy sometimes! (April 4)
This time of year makes contrasts like this even more common for artists. The Afters experienced both temperature extremes as the seasons transition on tour this week.
#3 - Only Hardcore Allowed
@JustinCordle: That's right, this dumpster knows what's up! (April 5)
Warning: prolonged exposure to this dumpster (or We As Human’s music) may cause hard rock-induced hearing loss.
#4 - Family Faith
@NatalieGrant: My daddy praying over me before I took the stage at the White House. (April 5)
Christian artist Natalie Grant had the opportunity to sing at the White House this past weekend, surrounded by the support of family and friends.
#5 - Driver Dark Side
@jasongraymusic: My replacement Darth Driver arrived today (April 5)
Jason Gray’s storage practices seem to have drifted to the dark side.
#6 - Muti-talented Tasks
@Manafest: Late night in the shop with my bro. I love skateboarding. Hand carved manafest board coming soon... (April 5)
Between his music, his upcoming book release, and his skateboarding pursuits, Manafest is truly a man of many trades.
#7 - Christian Music Collisions
@kevinmax: singing 'entertaining angels' in Australia with @PeterFurler (April 4)
With the amount of crossovers/collaborations/reunions happening lately, it’s hard to keep track of who is connected to what band anymore. Regardless, this is one collision it would have been well worth seeing.
#8 - Before the Storm
@mikeredmusic: Early morning run. Getting ready for the Release The Panic tour. It's so quiet in the morning. Shh..… (April 5)
Mike of Red released the panic on this quiet road on tour this week. In the case of Red, this setting is definitely the calm before the face-melting pyro storm.
#9 - Play at Work
@travisryan: Cathedrals #brussels #belgium (April 5)
Travis Ryan provided yet more proof that employment as a traveling musician isn’t all work and no play.
#10 - Cheesy
@christablack: I ordered a cheeseburger and this is what hey brought me. They must have known cheese is my love… (April 6)
This Sacramento restaurant apparently takes the “cheese” part extremely seriously.

Posted April 09, 2013 | Mary is a Christ-follower and writer who has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She recently earned a B.A. in Digital Writing and currently resides in Nashville with a camera, guitar, and coffee cup always close at hand.

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