#94 - Memory Making
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers her Top 10 favorite tweets and photo uploads of the past seven days in this weekly column.

By MaryNikkel_NRT

When Jason Gray (@jasongraymusic) and Andrew Peterson tour together... it's always a memorable experience.
Whether in the form of participating in another Harlem Shake video or celebrating some firsts for their kids, this was a week of memory making in the Christian music Twitterverse. Twitter feeds were also sprinkled with some words of wisdom in a more serious vein. Catch up on all of it below.

#1 - Side Effects
@satsandsirens: Sometimes, when you're in a band, you and your band mates break in to a rendition of "when you wish upon a star" for no reason at all. (February 18)
Aspiring musicians, be forewarned.
#2 - Building Blocks
@lecrae: If people throw stones at you, pick em up and build something. (February 19)
Lecrae has a habit of providing succinct, powerful encouragement in 140 characters or less. If you're not already following him, you might want to change that.

#3 - Not Done Yet
@crowdermusic: New Crowder tune, "My Beloved" just released on @passion268 digital all access...yay!!! (February 20)
Although David Crowder*Band as the collective we once knew is no longer around, the man himself is with a new group of backing musicians--and he is far from done. You can hear his latest, thanks to Passion.
#4 - Self Confident
@rhettwalkerband: Just ran into Tom Arnold in DFW. I'm glad he didn't bother me for an autograph. (February 21)
Fame is always relative. Rhett Walker has no qualms about his own standing on the scale.
#5 - Collaborative Edition
@macpowell: We did the Harlem Shake w/ @coltondixon & @joshwilson. (February 22)
As mentioned in last week's round up, the Harlem Shake continues to spread. Third Day hosted a Harlem Shake collaborative edition with tourmates Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson.
#6 - Constructive Criticism
@markhallCC: "I always lean towards conversational lyrics. And that really is conversational… If your Tom Sawyer." Matthew west #writingsessionquotes (February 22)
Mark Hall of Casting Crowns and Matthew West spent time writing together this week... leaning perhaps a little too far in the direction of informal.
#7 - Habits
@BartMillard: Fact: I constantly change my profile pic while on the phone doing interviews. #OddTick (February 22)
If you've ever noticed the fluctuation of Bart Millard's Twitter profile, you now have a pretty good idea what he was doing at the time.
#8 - Benefits
@mikedonehey: I can't express how breathtaking it is to sing the gospel to a crowd of people and have them scream it back. #nevergetsold (February 22)
This may truly be the greatest job perk of serving as a Christian musician.
#9 - Improbable Oatmeal Physics
@JustinF_WAH: 1 Quaker oatmeal packet, not even close....2 packets, ya right...3 packets, Way too much to finish eating. How the heck does that work? (February 23)
Justin of We As Human pointed out that the amount of expansion somehow does not seem to be proportional to the amount of oatmeal-- can anyone else back his observation?
#10 - Survival Tactics
@scribblepotemus: Just gonna build a campfire and hunker down here in the terminal. methods for keeping snakes out will also protect from fake harmonica solos (February 23)
When an early morning flight is delayed, Dan Haseltine of Jars Of Clay is undeterred.

#1 - In Training
@superchicktrish: First chucks! Looked in her closet and realized these fit now. Too stinking cute! (February 16)
Superchick lead singer and solo worship artist Tricia Brock is already training her daughter Ava to dress with the same sense of style Tricia has rocked for years.
#2 - Creative Process
@AndrewPeterson: Experimenting with parchment sketch paper. Fun to be able to highlight with whites. (February 19)
Artist Andrew Peterson shared a glimpse at another of his many abilities this week. Whether working with words or melodies or paper and ink, Andrew is a creative at heart.
#3 - Honored Audience
@newsboys: Got to hang w/ the Wounded Warriors at Camp Pendleton today. Incredible people who have sacrificed it all… (February 22)
Newsboys got to play for a special group this week, and they shared a bit of the experience with their fans via Twitter.
#4 - Public Service
@jonnydiaz: It's a rough life, but someone had to test out all the fresh powder in Beaver Creek CO. (February 22)
Just in case Jonny Diaz ever gave you the impression that his life is all work and no play... well... this tweet is cause not to believe him.
#5 - An Encouraging Word
@AndyMineo: "Pressure doesn't make you, it exposes you." A line from an encouraging fan letter I got today. Came w a dope book 2! (February 22)
Sometimes artists encourage fans, and sometimes it's the other way around. Rising hip hop artist Andy Mineo shared one such case via Twitter this week.
#6 - Free Time Sightings
@TheRocketSummer: Finally stumbled upon some Hobbits playing soccer today. (February 22)

The most intriguing aspect of this tweet is that it seems to imply that Bryce Avary often goes looking for hobbits playing soccer in his free time.
#7 - Improvising
@MoriahPeters: This is what I get to do when people ask me to sign @tenthavenorth posters! @rubenjuarez (February 22)
Sometimes when fans are getting things signed, they don't have something for each artist and have to improvise. So Moriah Peters also improvises... with some great results.
#8 - Tour Mate Camaraderie
@jasongraymusic: A gift from me to Andrew a couple years ago. Glad to see he still has it (and with apologies to all girls out there) (February 23)
Tour mates Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson have made some fond memories... and, judging by this sign, possibly some less than fond memories also?
#9 - Road Support
@prophiphop: Not a game. #tourlife. Thank you paradigm for the gift. #thlt (February 23)
Apparently Propaganda's booking agency knows exactly what he needs... and supports it. Artists have to stay fueled somehow.
#10 - Firsts
@aaronshust: Michael's first concert was a great one! :) @christomlin @ CONSOL Energy Center (February 24)
Aaron Shust's youngest son Michael got to enjoy his first concert this weekend... and even got to meet the artist afterwards.

Posted February 26, 2013 | Mary is a Christ-follower and writer who has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She recently earned a B.A. in Digital Writing and currently resides in Colorado Springs with a camera, guitar, and coffee cup always close at hand.

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