#86 - Rock Em Sock Em
Christian artists update fans throughout the week via Twitter and NRT's Mary Burklin uncovers her Top 10 favorite tweets and photo uploads of the past seven days in this weekly column.

By MaryNikkel_NRT

Natalie Grant (@NatalieGrant) shared her secret weapon for remaining sane through airport security: awesome socks.
This week quite a few artists shared glimpses of their lives of traveling, including tips for surviving security and keeping your gear together. Artists also responded to the tragic events on the nation's news this week. Catch up on the latest, both heavy and light, below.

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#1 - Kickstarting Kye Kye
@KyeKyeMusic: Want a download of our U2 cover? or a Personalized Care Package from Olga? Check out the Kickstarter update to see how! (December 12)
Kye Kye is funding their sophomore album via Kickstarter, and there's still a day or two to get onboard with some fantastic rewards.
#2 - Responding
@kirkfranklin: Every problem seems small today.. Every argument, traffic delay, bill that needs to be paid, all meaningless right now..hug your kids. (December 14)
Kirk Franklin was one of many Christian artists posting their condolences, prayers, and thoughts in response to the horrific events in Newtown, CT on December 14. 
#3 - Grace-full Gifts
@jjheller: Sharing my Free Sampler several days early in hopes that it will be of some comfort to those mourning with Newton, CT. (December 14)
J.J. Heller shared some songs by way of response, offering some hope and healing. Download the sampler at the Noisetrade link above.
#4 - Out-nerded
@flyleafmusic: I thought I was the biggest Tolkien nerd, but sitting in this theater I'm clearly being out-shined -Sameer #TheHobbit (December 14)
As Flyleaf guitarist Sameer learned this week at the midnight showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, there is almost always someone more nerdy than you are. Particularly at this sort of movie.
#5 - Cop Out
@jamiegraceh: if i do something dorky i blame it on being homeschooled. if i do something brilliant i blame it on being homeschooled. win win, friends. :) (December 15)
Jamie Grace revealed one of us homeschoolers' greatest secrets: it provides a cop out response for dorkiness and for excessive brilliance (both of which homeschoolers often have in abundance).
#6 - In Emergencies
@MoriahPeters: Yep, that's me. The girl that has to borrow cologne from guys because she doesn't carry perfume. (December 15)
On the plus side, as a touring musician Moriah Peters is more or less guaranteed to be around guys who could supply some scent-related aid.
#7 - Typecast
@calebgrimm: In public with @chadmgraham and @josephstamper... Someone just said "You guys look like a boy band." Wellllll here's the thing... (December 15)
The Anthem Lights guys at least have the comfort that they apparently look exactly like what they are.
#8 - Christmas Comes Early
@Pillarmusic: If you haven't opened your present yet grab our take on "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" for free as our gift to you at (December 15)
Christmas came early this week-- if you're a Pillar fan. The resurrected band provided fans with a free download of a revamped “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." Check it out at the link above.
#9 - Leaving Legacies
@DanHuie: I am all about transferring important truths and values onto the next generation. For example i just taught my 4 year old the Macarena. (December 16)
Dan of Reilly seems to have different priorities than most... but at least his legacy will be memorable.
#10 - Doodles
@owlcity: Cruel reality: drawings on Starbucks cups are really good because all baristas went to art school. (December 16)
Adam Young of Owl City revealed a painful truth on his Twitter: if you ever get an awesome doodle on your coffee cup, chances are you can guess where your barista came from.

#1 - Homestead
@LuminateBand: This has been my life since September 19th. #iLiveInAVan @ Exit 141 (December 13)
Musicians: the new pioneers, living in barely-functional 15 passenger vans instead of covered wagons.
#2 - Ranger Retherford
@WillRetherford: -In honor of "The Hobbit" here is my #tbt as Aragorn. (December 13)
For #tbt (Throwback Thursday, the day on which twitter-users post old school pictures) Will Retherford shared an alternate look from the past-- what do you think? Does he pull it off?
#3 - Improving Security
@NatalieGrant: Best part of taking shoes off in airport security? My happy socks. (December 14)
Natalie Grant has discovered the secret to making the tight security procedures at the airport more enjoyable: wear the most fun socks possible.
#4 - Coining
@marcmartel: 12 yrs in the business. How have I never seen this word before? (December 15)
Either this venue coined the word themselves, or else Marc Martel had simply never encountered it before. Either way, it would be intriguing to learn what the word means, but it might be more fun not to know.
#5 - Doppelgänger
@SanctusReal: Brothers from different mothers. @dangartley @swpbenjamin@swprophets @ Midland, TX (December 15)
Sanctus Real revealed that their bass player may or may not be the secret twin of Sidewalk Prophets' guitarist. At least they both know they have a stand-in in case of emergency?
#6 - Max Christmas
@kevinmax: Kids making Christmas cookies today, I'm, of course, just spectating. (December 15)
It was a festive week in the Max household this week. We can neither confirm nor deny involvement in cookie-making by K-max himself.
#7 - Stage Tricks
@SHDmusic: Ronnie decided to try and Houdini himself through a light truss... and got stuck (December 15)
The frontman of Skyhawk Drive is skinny-- but not quite skinny enough, apparently.
#8 - Family Photo
@Croutonff5: Merry Christmas from @Familyforce5 to all (December 16)
The Family Force 5 members shared a family photo in honor of the holiday. Drummer Crouton shared a picture that definitely captures the personality of this particular family.
#9 - Sock Service
@mikeredmusic: Look they give you socks on this plane. I guess the flight is super long that you need to change your socks. (December 16)
Mike Barnes of RED got some excellent (if slightly unusual) service while on the way to Africa this weekend.
#10 - Keep it Together
@iamcoxnow: This is how you carry a demolished guitar case. @prsguitars (December 16)
Justin Cox of Fireflight posted a visual demonstration of how to carry a faulty guitar case through an airport. Making gear last is important, right?

Posted December 18, 2012 | Mary is a Christ-follower and writer who has been telling stories for as long as she can remember. She recently earned a B.A. in Digital Writing and currently resides in Colorado Springs with a camera, guitar, and coffee cup always close at hand.

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