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Anthem Song [edit]
by Aaron Gillespie | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 08, 2011

Aaron Gillespie is a name widely recognized by many…as being apart of Underoath and The Almost. Now closing a chapter of his music career with Underoath and starting a new chapter with his worship project Anthem Song, Aaron is able to express the cry of his heart. Aaron co-wrote with Paul Baloche, Delirious, and a few others to bring you a worship album that is from the heart, but with an edgy pop vibe.

Track Listing
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01. All Things
02. Hosanna
03. Washed Away
04. Earnestly I Seek Thee
05. We Were Made For You
06. I Will Worship You
07. Anthem Song
08. You Are Jesus
09. You Are My Everything
10. Your Song Goes On Forever
11. I Am Your Cup

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great album | Posted March 18, 2011
 aaron gillespie's heart is exposed in these songs. he pours himself out before the Lord. he is a true worshiper.

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EPIC | Posted March 17, 2011
aaron gillespie will always be amazing

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pacemaker (324)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 i can't wait to buy this album. i've listened to most of it and i'm not disappointed.

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Ryan0111 (11)

aaron gillespie | Posted March 15, 2011
Wow, this guy is awesome. I've been a fan of him since Underoath. I saw him live a few weeks ago and it was the real deal, I cant wait to see what else the Lord will do through aaron.

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bull42 (50)

Anthem Song | Posted March 12, 2011
I have never been a big fan of Uneroath. That being said,I do like The Amost,Aaron's new band. When I heard he ws making a worship album,I looked forward to hearing this.I have listened to "Anthem Song"twice and must say I was very surprised.
"All Things" kicks off this CD.It is a good song with a good message and beat.Other very good songs on this CD are "Hosanna" ( IMO,a possible CM radio song),"We Were Made For You" and "You Are My Everything".
Two excellent slow ballad songs are "I will Worship You" and "Your Song Goes on Forever".Aaron's voice and passion are displayed well on these two songs.
My two favorite songs on thr Cd are the title tract,"Anthem Song" and "Washed Away".These songs should be in everyone's ipod to enjoy
Overall,I gave this CD 4 stars.It is a good CD from AG. I look forward to hearing more worship music from Aaron.

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With Hands lifted High!!! | Posted March 11, 2011
What a refreshing Album.  Aaron brings his distinct voice to worsip and prasi songs and it just works.
I love an album, a Christian artist that does not hold back in letting the worl know who it is he is praising. This album is for Jesus and you know it from the get go. 
So many of the songs are just awesome. 

I just love this album. 

Thank You Aaron!!

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Athem Song | Posted March 10, 2011
Well I'm not used to Aaron doin all worship, and I coulda sworn some of these songs got to the point to where they sounded like The Almost owned them, but I think he did a pretty good job for mellowin down to worship. I think 'Washed Away' was the best song in this album, I heard him play it live back in December and thought it was real pretty, but when I had heard it, I heard it acoustic, now that I've heard it with every other instrument I think it was well put altogether. I like 'We Were Made For You' as well, he went different, but not too different to where you wonder who's singing these songs. The thing that suprised me was that this album was ONLY eight bucks!!! I was like what the heck? but that's Aaron for ya, so I think this album is worth every penny without regrets.

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:) | Posted March 09, 2011
Can't wait to hear this album!! Gotta my copy asap. ;)

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Amazing | Posted March 09, 2011
When worship music is not your forte, this is exactly what you do when you make a worship CD. Aaron teamed up with one of the best in the business, and then penned nearly all of the songs by himself. You hear his heart beating throughout each and every song, and the lyrics to each an every song are amazing! Aaron delivers a knock out punch, and this CD is one worship CD that you must buy. Well crafted, well penned, and well mixed. Very enjoyable, and it brings me into a place where I am totally focused on worshipping God. Simply amazing!

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Very Worshipful | Posted March 02, 2011
I really liked how accessible and outright this release is in it's praise to God. I found it to be very worshipful, well produced and enjoyed the opportunity to hear it. In the end though, the only song that really grabbed me is the one that is being released as a single. I have a large Christian music collection so I tend to be very picky about items I add to my collection.

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