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Revelation [edit]
by Third Day | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 29, 2008

With the release of its 11th studio album Revelation, Third Day’s Mac Powell, Tai Anderson, Mark Lee and David Carr have hit new heights as Christian music’s premiere rock band.

Recorded in Los Angeles, the first time Third Day has worked on a project outside of the South, Third Day’s signature rock sounds gets an infusion of new energy thanks to the band’s new collaboration with producer by Howard Benson (Daughtry, Flyleaf, Hoobastank, P.O.D.).

With his heart on his sleeve, frontman and principal lyricist Mac Powell gives voice to the emotions all believers feel as they attempt to reconcile everyday struggles with the hope born of salvation. Songs like “Run to You,” “Born Again,” “Who I Am,” and the first single, “Call My Name” are like musical stepping stones on the band’s creative journey. The result is a new chapter in Third Day’s story; it is truly a musical revelation.

Track Listing
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01. This is Who I Am
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02. Slow Down
03. Call My Name
04. Run to You
05. Revelation
06. Otherside
07. Let Me Love You
08. I Will Always be True
09. Born Again
10. Give Love
11. Caught Up in Yourself
12. Ready
13. Take it All
14. Video EPK (Not On Album)
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Great Buy | Posted January 07, 2009
One of the top albums of 2008 was "REVELATION" by Third Day.Debuting at #6 on the billboard charts and #1 on the christian charts the cd featured the hits "Call my name" and "Revalation".The cd also featured some great special appearances by Chris Daughtry and Lacey Mosley(lead singer of Flyleaf).

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Give Me A Revelation | Posted December 07, 2008
Well, Third Day is back, although I'm late with this review. I must say that I thought that Wherever You Are Was my favorite Third Day cd. I may have to change my thought after this cd came out. I will admit though that I had to give it a few listens before it got completely stuck in my head. After, two or three listens though, I couldn't stop listening. Without further ado, let's get to the true review.
This is Who I Am starts off the cd with a rocking set that I absolutely love. I always love when Third Day truly rocks it out and this one really proves they can still rock with the best of them. Slow Down has an interesting part with Chris Daughtery in it and is another great rock song. Call My Name, the first single, is absolutely a great song. I must say I found this song at a particularly rough patch in my life and it helped me through a little bit of my life. Honestly, I related it to Cry out to Jesus quite a bit. Now, I won't go through even song on this cd but I will highlight four more songs, which gives you a great amount anyway. First of all Otherside is just fantastic. The work that guitar master Robert Randolph does is brilliant. Revelation, the title track, is great and really makes me think. Ready is a great track that makes me realize that life is tricky every single time I listen to it. It's an upbeat tune as well. The final track has got to be my favorite on the record. Take It All harkens back to great Third Day music like Take My Life and Love Song for me. This is a fantastic song that really is a prayer I can sing over and over. I love this song and this cd. Beware, if you get this cd you won't be able to put it down.

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Third Day has another solid hit | Posted November 15, 2008
What a difference a new producer, who challenges you, makes. The Revelation album is just that. New challenges for the four remaining band members, challenges vocally and lyrically. I think some of the best songs are the ones that may not make it to radio. Mark Lee's "Take It All" is just one of those songs. I first heard it on a day that was not going so well. I was trying and not too successfully, to deal with things on my own. Then, "Take It All" came on. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the wakeup call I needed.
With this new album I feel newly connected with the guys of Third Day. I had heard some of the new music in May @ Spirit West Coast/Del Mar. But for me it takes listening at home, headphones on to get into a new album. This ain't your ordinary Third Day venture. Tai has stepped in nicely with great background vocals, he has become more assertive as well. Mark Lee, ever the great guitar man, has stepped it up a few notches. Mac's vocals are amazing. He has reached new heights.
As much as I missed seeing Brad with the guys @ SWC, to me he was the show within the show, the remaining band is fantastic. Brad will always be a Third Day member to me.
I hope everyone enjoys this new release as much as I do.

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Revelation | Posted September 23, 2008
Ever since I began listening to Christian music Third Day has been my favorite. I was looking forward to this CD from the time they announced the release date. Third Day certainly did not disappoint! Revelation has powerful lyrics, and beats that portray who Third Day has been, and is forming into. Third Day has done it again!

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returning to the old sound | Posted September 22, 2008
Are you like me??? Did you miss Third Day's old school sound like that of the album, Time? Fear not no more! There latest album, Revelation, captures that. Though they have lost one of their guitarists, the band does not miss a beat. They are on target in this one. They kick it off in the first song, This is Who I am. This song, as it is named, shows who this band is with it's southern rock approach, and even with lyrics with people for association. But even more, they are asking for God to make more of them anyway. Moving on, the next song is my personal favorite, Slow Down. Featuring the acclaimed, Chris Daughtry, in background vocals, this song is continuing the southern rock approach with Mac Powell's baritone/bass hook in the first verse, coupled with a very catchy guitar riff. The next song, Call My Name, has been a number one on Billboard's charts for weeks, but for good reason. It is very catchy, displays multiple hooks, and a very outstanding vocal performance from Mac Powell. In this song, Mac's deep voice actually sounds more pure and refined, if you can imagine that. The next song is Run To You, and it features Lacey from Flyleaf. This song is a fan-favorite because of the reminiscent beginning like that of Lynyrd Skynyrd coupled with a chorus that is easy to remember during everyday life. But the real gem of this album is hearing Lacey in this song, towards the end, praying with her singing voice...and believe me, it's her own voice, her own style. Revelation, the next song, talks about relying on God to make sense of things that we can not. Lyrically, it shows the talent of Third Day. Musically, although i like the piano in the beginning, the guitar is where i disagree. It sounds too much like Dave Matthews in his past hit "Space Between". Take It All is sure to be the next super-hit for Third Day, but honestly, this album is still growing on me...but until then, since it has not caught me and having me run in chaos promoting it, i will have to give this a 4 out of 5. Third Day, I personally thank you for coming back to your sound from Time, Conspiracy #5, Wire, and your first album. We look forward for more.

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aylaeh (204)

rockin' album! | Posted September 21, 2008
heard the full album for the first time yesterday. it's a great album - very much in keeping with the bands previous albums. i'm not sure if i have a favorite song yet. i think that i'll have to listen to it a bit longer before that happens. :)

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They're Back with a Bang! | Posted August 17, 2008
Great choice in a new producer, in additional vocalists (Mac and Chris Daughtry sound great together), and in guest musicians (Robert Randolph).
I have been - as many of you have - so excited about hearing this cd. As a huge Third Day fan I love these guys and was hoping it would be something that would be back to "their sound" but offer something new at the same time... I was NOT disappointed.
I honestly think that Mac sounds better than ever. When I first heard "Call my Name" as the first single released my immediate thought was - he's hitting notes he hasn't in the past, stretching himself more. His vocals on this project really are stellar.
My second thought was that musically speaking the sound is more meaty.
The other songs did not change that observation either.
I love that there is everything from what can be a love song to God or a love song to a spouse, to a song that is a challenge to those around us (and ourselves), and then one ("This is Who I Am")that is simply an anthem we should all be singing to the world that as Christians we are just like them in so many ways - an honest picture of what we are. The difference? It plainly shares our hope in a Savior that makes the difference in us.
I don't want to ruin your perspective of it by reviewing every single song... just buy it, enjoy it, and then tell everyone you now to buy it!
Within the 13 songs on this cd there truly is a Revelation - in relating to what we are, who we are, and who we can be.

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revelation | Posted August 10, 2008
Great album. My dad picked it up at Kingdom Bound 08 and ive listened to it twice since then. I love all the songs and love that it it Third Day. I also love the cover, how the track names are all on there (sorry if i ruined it).

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At Last!! | Posted August 08, 2008
I have been a Gomer from day one. Third day has always had very relevant, amazing rock music. However, I began to feel that they were being swayed to produce more "radio ready" music in the last few years. While I have supported them, attended concerts and purchased all of their albums, I felt very let down by "Wherever You Are." NOW HOWEVER... "Revelation" is a brand new statement of who Third Day is. From the opening line of "This is Who I Am." to the end, you have a very strong sense of where the band is going. Back are the screaming guitars on "Otherside." Daughtry and Lacey make excelent additions to Macs lyrics and even the slower songs have strong purpose and statements. If you too were disillusioned by "Wherever" now is the time to pick up and receive a "Revelation" of your own!

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New Album | Posted August 07, 2008
When I heard that Third Day was releasing a new album, I thought that it might be just another rehashing of old melodies and doing things the way that has made the band from Georgia so popular. As the recording process continued, I heard that Brad Avery had left the band and that Chris Daughtry and Lacey Elliot, of Flyleaf, were guest singing. This raised my hope that just maybe the sound was going to be different. I was blown away by the record. On songs like "Who I am", "Otherside", "Slow Down"(featuring the aforementioned Daughtry) the new rock sound is featured. The slow ballads like "Take It All" display the softer side of the band. This is an album that pleases the new listeners and the old listeners of the band.

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