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In the Name of Love [edit]
by Various Artists - Tribute Albums | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 27, 2004

Audio CD (January 27, 2004)
Original Release Date: January 27, 2004
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sparrow

Track Listing
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01. Sunday, Bloody Sunday - Pillar
02. Beautiful Day - Sanctus Real
03. 40 - Starfield
04. Love Is Blindness - Sixpence None The Richer
05. Gloria - Audio Adrenaline
06. Grace - Nichole Nordeman
07. All I Want Is You - Jars Of Clay
08. Mysterious Ways - TobyMac
09. Pride (In The Name of Love) - Delirious?
10. One - TAIT
11. With or Without You - Grits (featuring Jadyn Maria)
12. When Love Comes to Town - Todd Agnew
13. Where the Streets Have No Name - Chris Tomlin

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art10 (115)

The U2 Legacy Is Preserved | Posted September 10, 2007
U2 is a legend. And a legend to look up to, because unlike many famous artists, the band crafts great lyrics about peace and love, but then backs it up with their great work in charity. And their legacy continues with this tribute album, where not only do you get great music, but you're contributing to a great cause. For every album sold, Sparrow Records will donate to World Vision to help the AIDS victims in Africa. If there was ever a CD that you had to buy, this would be it. Don't download it illegally, buy it and help World Vision.

The big names come out for this one, and the album starts off with one of the band's most famous songs, "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Pillar does a great job with the song, both vocally and musically. Some consider it a hard rock approach, but whatever it is, it works. And the album only gets better with Sanctus Real's cover of "Beautiful Day," one of the more recent U2 hits off the album. Sanctus revs up the song and takes it to it's true potential, making it actually better than the original. Could it be so? Sanctus Real does better than U2? Judge for yourself, but for my money it is.

Starfield gets comfortable with "40," and the song's worshipful mood. Many people criticized it, but I think the band did I nice job with it. The now defunct Audio Adrenaline shows off their rock side with "Gloria." Which, amazingly isn't a Christmas song, but musically sounds like the band's cover of "Little Drummer Boy." Overall the band does very well with the song.

Sixpence None The Richer, Nicole Nordeman, and Jars of Clay take on U2's lesser known songs, but do well with them, especially Nordeman who gives one of her best performances. These songs however are forgettable nonetheless, since they're the lesser known songs of U2.

tobyMac (having done a cover of "40" with dc Talk) this time tackles "Mysterious Ways" with a little help from Sarah Kelly. The song has a electronic undertone, but it comes out well. Another dc Talker does "One." As usual Tait delivers a flawless vocal performance, but again the song is more forgettable, since the original wasn't well known.

Delirious? Comes with the hit "Pride" which is dead-on with the original, vocally, musically, everything is a copy of U2. This isn't a cover, it's a copy, and due to the vocal similarities with both bands, I think Delirious? should have been left off the album all together, and the song be given to somebody totally unexpected like Relient K. "With or Without You" is a great performance by, not Grits, but Jadyn Maria (Who?). The song was made for her, and she gives a stellar performance, in fact she's the only one that performs, Grits just does a repeating background vocal. So drop the Grits influence, great song, with Grits, still pretty good.

Strangely following the emotional song is "When Love Came To Town," which you probably haven't heard of, but it's not forgettable because Todd Agnew gives his best performance ever with the song. This is his niche, southern rock; he has the voice for it. The song has a great feel to it, and Agnew exceeds all expectations and unexpectedly blows it out of the park.

Chris Tomlin continues the trend. "Where The Streets Have No Name" is the most famous U2 song, and it had to be done well, and Chris Tomlin is amazingly the guy to do it. The music, the vocals, the whole feel of the song is just right. It does the original justice. Personally this version is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Overall, buy the album. Not only will you get some great music, but you'll be helping a great organization help people. The legacy of U2 is preserved with this album, musically and charitably. Sure I would have liked a couple of minor changes, and maybe add a bonus track of dc Talk's "40" but this is a great album as is, and a must-buy. I got the album for free from this site. Next time I'm at Family Christian Stores, I'll pick up another copy, for the people of Africa, not to sooth a conscience, but because I want to.

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In The Name Of Love Album Review | Posted November 05, 2010
This is a awesome U2 tribute album featuring different artists like tobyMac, Tait, Pillar, Starfield, Audio Adrenaline, Chris Tomlin, Todd Agnew, and many more. It is one of the best U2 triubte album done from Christian artists. I love every song on this album. I would say my most favorite songs would be Where The Streets Have No Name by Chris Tomlin, When Love Came To Town by Todd Agnew, One by Tait, Mysterious Ways by tobyMac with Sarah Kelly, Sunday Bloody Sunday by Pillar, Beautiful Day by Sanctus Real, 40 by Starfield, and many more. This is a awesome album for fans of the artists on this album or even if your a fan of U2 and you want to hear the best remake album for their songs then check out this album as soon as you can.

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RossMan (134)

best u2 remakes youll ever hear | Posted March 08, 2008
turthfully i didnt think anybody would be able to pull off a good remake of a song by the amazing band U2, but these guy did it perfectly. i think the best remakes on here are by TobyMac, Steven Curtis Chapman, Delirious, Chris Tomlin, Pillar, Starfield, and Sanctus Real
great album for all ages but very hard to find, but if you do see one in stores grab it becuase ive only seen one copy of it in best buy and i bought it the minute i saw it

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Not too shabby | Posted September 07, 2007
i really enjoyed the new spin some artists put on some classic U2 songs. Some tracks however, sounded like they were trying to copy the original exactly. That may be a big mistake if you think you can out sing Bono.

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aylaeh (204)

Tribute to U2 | Posted July 16, 2007
What a great album! I listen to this cd and wonder at the creativity of the group who wrote those songs.

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