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Acoustic [edit]
by Britt Nicole | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 24, 2010

Britt Nicole Acoustic is her first ever acoustic project featuring the 5 biggest songs of her career plus a never before released track co-written with Brandon Heath.

These stripped down recordings allow fans to dive into Britt’s lyrics and the heart behind her message. Highlighting the gifted songwriter Britt is, while showcasing her one-of-a-kind vocals, make this project a must have for all Britt Nicole fans and Christian music fans.

Track Listing
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01. Hanging On
02. Set the World On Fire
03. Headphones
04. Walk On the Water
05. The Lost Get Found
06. Found By You

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Britt Nicole [Acoustic] | Posted August 17, 2010
Britt Nicole is back with her highly anticipated acoustic release, Acoustic EP on August 24th. Britt is one of my favorite new female artists and has an incredible heart for her ministry and an excellent singing voice. If you like Krystal Meyers, Natalie Grant and Francesca Battistelli, then you’ll love Britt Nicole. “Hanging On” opens the album and is the current single. I really love the great personal nature of the song as Britt sings “I’m hanging on to every Word You speak, cause it’s all I need.” Britt’s hit song “Set The World On Fire” challenges listeners to live in the Holy Spirit with the lyrics “Lord with You there’s nothing I cannot do.” If you liked the original version, you’ll love this version which truly highlights Britt’s incredible vocals. “Headphones” on The Lost Get Found for me was the “Holiday” of that album with a great electronic feel similar to “Love It Away” by Krystal Meyers. On Acoustic EP the musical arrangement of “Headphones” allows listeners to really dig into the message of the song which is excellent and encourages people “anytime you feel alone, put on your headphones, Love, Love’s coming through your headphones.”

“Walk On The Water” was recently featured on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and is a fantastic worship anthem where Britt urges believers “don’t be afraid to move, if faith is all it takes, then you can walk on the water too.” “The Lost Get Found” in Britt’s words is “Simply about being who we are called to be as Christians, and through that, seeing the lost get found. I believe that when we become who we are called to be, the lost will come to know God. They will see that God is real, and that His love is greater than any problem, any fear, any sickness.” It has a catchy upbeat tempo and has a very convicting message. In essence it is like a sequel to “Set The World On Fire” and is a wonderful song of encouragement to live as a light and know that in Christ we can do anything. God will never fail us or forsake us until the work of the Lord is finished. So, as Britt asks in the song: “when you get the chance, are you gonna take it?” Britt's favorite scripture is 1 Chronicles 28:20 which she says reminds her daily of God's calling on her life. The album closes with new song “Found By You” which was co-written with Brandon Heath. “Found By You” is a beautiful ballad and closes the album similar to “Have Your Way” on The Lost Get Found. Britt’s vulnerable lyrics and vocals are captivating as she cries out “Jesus, I just want to be found by You.” All six songs are excellent and were meant to be heard acoustically.

Britt has really emerged as one of the top female vocalists in any genre. The acoustic musical arrangements on this album perfectly accentuate Britt's powerful and passionate songs. New single “Hanging On,” along with stand-out songs “Headphones” and “The Lost Get Found” are stripped down musically and showcase Britt's lyrical and vocal prowess. Gorgeous ballads “Set The World On Fire,” “Walk On The Water” and new song “Found By You” are achingly beautiful on this excellent collection. After I finished the album, I immediately played it again, it's that good. Fans of stellar vocals shouldn't miss out on this record. Look out for one of the biggest voices in all of Christian music.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10 (96%, A)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

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LampaFan (191)

She Just Keeps Gettin' Better - A Must Have | Posted August 27, 2010
Britt Nicole just keeps getting better. Her debut, Say It, was one of the strongest first releases I have ever heard, and then with last year's The Lost Get Found, she followed up with even better musical arrangements and deeper lyrics.

Now with her first ever EP, simply titled Acoustic, Britt serves up four singles, a fan favorite, and a new song all set to, you guessed it, acoustic music. And let me be the first to say, it's absolutely outstanding.

"Hanging On", the new third single from The Lost Get Found, gets an amazing revamp. This version actually feels lighter, happier, and more meaningful than the somehwhat melancholy pop version. Her vocals are fantastic, and I actually feel that this version may have done better at radio than the current release.

"Set the World On Fire", the only inclusion from her debut, was already a ballad, but this acoustic redo gives a more earthy feel to the song and Britt's vocals are able to stand out more.

"Headphones", a fan favorite from The Lost Get Found, is a very interesting inclusion because the original was so upbeat. It's a passionate, meaningful little tune perfect for troubled teens that need that extra boost during the day. The stripped down feel fits the song well, but I personally like the original version a little bit better.

The no. 1 hit "Walk On the Water" works as equally well with the guitar backing as it does with the original piano backing. It's a good choice, although I like the original a bit better on this version as well.

Another no. 1 and arguably her biggest hit, "The Lost Get Found" is a beautiful track when it is stripped down to a more organic track. Once again, though I prefer the original just a bit more because of it's epic strings. Also, Britt sounds a bit more urgent and compelling on the original.

Finally, the new track "Found By You" is a gorgeous, simple song that is a worshipful prayer to God. I love its acoustic sound and can't imagine it any other way. It will more than likely be released as a single in the future.

Overall, this album is phenomenal. Sure, I mentioned a few of the originals are better than the acoustic versions, but none of them are bad by any means. In fact, they are all superb. Britt's vocals come through clearer on these songs and the lyrics seem even more passionate. It's a must-have for any Britt Nicole fan and a great addition to any worship or acoustic collections. Britt has once again set the bar really high for the rest of her CCM peers, and it's gonna be extremely hard to top this.

DOWNLOAD THIS: "Hanging On", "Found By You"

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Wonderful! | Posted February 05, 2014
Britt Nicole's acoustic cd is absolutely wonderful! Her talent is shown even more with this cd. My favorite song is Walk on Water. I think all these song sound beautiful acoustic. I would recommened this cd to any Britt Nicole fan.

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Sets The World On Fire | Posted January 10, 2011
Britt Nicole's Acoustic Album is absolutely beautiful. All of the songs have been featured on previous albums, and the lyrics are the same. A similar melody is apparent in all the songs as well. But Britt Nicole has, by slowing the tempo or taking out the pop feeling computer sounds and replaced them with good old fashioned acoustic guiter,drums and keyboard that beautifully complement her spectacular voice.

The songs now touch my heart more than ever before. The lyrics were always amazing, but by toning the songs down a little, making them less 'in-your-face' the song no longer comes to me, but I come to it. The feeling of 'look at me, listen to me, pay attention to me' is gone, and a sense of relaxation, easy listening replaces it, leaving the listener to listen at their leisure.

Her songs were always easy to sing along to and relate to, and that has been multiplied fifty times with album.

If you love acoustic guitar, natural talent, inspiring lyrics and easy to sing along songs, this album is perfect.

Britt Nicole has made another stunner.

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Britt Nicole....unplugged! | Posted December 27, 2010
This is Britt Nicole's first acoustic album. However, I wouldn't really call it "acoustic" in the strictest sense because these songs have drums and other instruments. These are definitely not just "stripped down" versions of 5 songs.

For the project, she chose "Hanging On", "Headphones", "Walk On The Water","The Lost Get Found" from her 2009 sophmore cd, and one track, "Set The World On Fire" from her 2007 debut, "Say It". There is also a new song called, "Found By You".

Starting out with "Hanging On". I actually like this version better than the original version. This song has a nice, acoustic feel, the main instruments being an acoustic guitar, an organ, and some simple drums. The sound is slightly different, and just seems to be more personal than the cd version. This song was very well put together.

Next is "Set The World On Fire", which in the beginning was already an acoustic song. However, she redoes the song with a new spin on it. It's not extremely different, but its definitely not a carbon copy of the original. I was surprised with this song; I thought it would be my least favorite because the original was already acoustic. I really enjoyed this song. You can hear more maturity in her range in the acoustic version vs. "Say It's" version.

Third is "Headphones". The original was quite bubbly and fun, with a catchy piano vibe and a strong drum track. The acoustic version is done with just an acoustic guitar, slight keyboard, and some drums. This was an AWESOME rendition of "Headphones". It matches the original, if not surpasses the original in it's fun beat, Britt's fantastic vocals, and creativity.

Moving on to "Walk On The Water", Britt starts the song with very soft guitar and piano, her voice being the main focal point. She seems to have more feeling in her voice in this version, stressing words, almost like she is in the room, trying to encourage you. I very much like this song. The lyrics and the music speaks to each listener from Britt's heart.

The fifth track is "The Lost Get Found", which in my opinion is the most drastically different version on the cd. She turns the infectious pop song into a moving ballad, with just a hint of guitar, piano, and a shaker. She once again demonstrates a great range, with amazing feeling in her vocals. I do like the original version better, but this version is very good.

The final track is her new song, called "Found By You". It starts off with soft piano and a shaker, as Britt sings softly, offering up a prayer for God to guide and direct her, to draw her close to Him. This song is one of my favorites on the album. "Found By You" is written by Britt Nicole and Brandon Heath. They work quite well together, both lyrically and musically as I'm pretty sure that's Heath singing background vocals.

In conclusion, I very much enjoyed Britt's "Acoustic" album. As a fan of both Britt Nicole and acosutic music, I enjoyed the beautiful arrangements and how you could connect with Britt Nicole through the way she sang passionately about Christ and the hope He gives. Britt Nicole really hit the mark with this album, delivering enjoyable melodies and using her amazing vocal range to her advantage.

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justink (115)

Ok | Posted August 17, 2010
I like acoustic covers of songs- not sure that I would pay for them on a separate EP- she could have just included them on a deluxe edition or on a different CD as bonus tracks.

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