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Newworldson [edit]
by Newworldson | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: February 23, 2010

Produced by Newworldson and Justin Koop, Newworldson's self-titled sophomore album features additional production by Tawgs Salter (Josh Groban, Elliot Yamin, Lights) on the lead single “There Is A Way." The 12-song album packs a power punch of funky grooves, dance-able rhythms, and praise-inspiring lyrics, fashioning a style that is uniquely Newworldson.

Recorded at B Town Sound in Burlington, Ontario, the record also features guest appearances by The Toronto Mass Choir and Michel DeQuevedo on percussion. Additional songs include “You Set The Rhythm,” “Listen To The Lord,” “Rocky Road,” and “That’s Exactly (How I Like It)."

Renowned for its thrilling live performances, Newworldson has shared the stage with artists like Newsboys and Kutless and has been featured on major slots at festivals both in North America and Europe.

Track Listing
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01. You Set The Rhythm
02. Listen To The Lord
03. In Your Arms
04. There Is A Way
05. Do You Believe In Love?
06. Thats Exactly (How I Like It)
07. Rocky Road
08. Commander
09. Total Eclipse
10. O Lament
11. Jamaican Praise Medley
12. Weary

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After the release of their debut, Salvation Station, in 2008, roots-rock band Newworldson sustained a media blitz any new artist would envy, including a handful of Juno nominations, GMA Covenant Award wins and a slot on a slew of critics' picks lists. But what impacted the Canadian combo the most? Its growth as an international artist.

Having spent the past two years touring not only North America, but all over the world, Newworldson combines their newfound international eyes and famed grooves to record a bigger, and more diverse, sounding collection than before.

For instance, "Total Eclipse" gets the official Reggae treatment thanks to frontman Joel Parisian's back and forth with Christafari's Mark Mohr and the "Jamaican Praise Medley" is self-explanatory, with a native Caribbean choir wailing, "I wish somebody's soul would catch on fire with the Holy Ghost."

But there's more than world flair here. While "Listen to the Lord" is carried by a Calypso two beat, gutsy guitar grit and a slashy organ interlude distinguish it from a straightforward island tune. "There is a Way" features Parisian's vintage blue-eyed soul revival, akin to Gavin Degraw's vocal prowess, and thick Gospel voices to huskily evangelize Jesus as the "truth and the life the way." And "That's Exactly (How I Like It)" brings in ‘da funk a la Harry Connick, Jr.'s She era, jam-packed with full band hits and brawly background vocals.

But the stand out track is the understated "Rocky Road," perfectly balancing singer Parisian's oh-so-soulful lead with a classic retro track, accompanied by the warmest retro Wurlitzer this side of Motown and brimming with a message of grace to fellow sinners along the road.

Sensational musicianship, keen lyrical themes and a bossy vibe that is just plain cool, Newworldson's "it" factor is off the charts. -Andrew Greer

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Excellent CD | Posted April 08, 2011
A fresh new sound that is different than most of my Christian CDs. Great lyrics that are focused on Christ, I particularly like "There is a Way" and "Listen to the Lord". Really nice mix of upbeat songs and slightly slower tracks. Definitely would buy Newworldson music in the future!

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Pretty good. | Posted March 27, 2010
I really enjoyed this album. Great variety from what other CCM artists put out. They have a very unique, enjoyable sound.

Favorites are:
You Set The Rhythm, Listen To The Lord, Do You Believe In Love?,There Is A Way, Weary,lol pretty much all of them. The Jamaican Praise Medley kinda cracked me up though, and the Rocky Road song had me wanting Rocky Road ice cream. :)

Overall a great cd!

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Excellent!! | Posted March 09, 2010
Loved the new album! Every song caught me, especially "Listen to the Lord," "Do You Believe in Love," and "That's Exactly." NewWorldSon is an amazing group that brings something fresh to the table of Christian entertainment. It's like church music for a newer generation!

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Very Refreshing | Posted February 24, 2010
I truly enjoyed the various genre that this band exhibits. They are very artistic and refreshing. I will definitely be looking for more releases from them

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Newworldson does it again! | Posted February 23, 2010
I have been enjoying Newworldson since I stumbled upon their album "Salvation station" over a year ago. So the release of their self-titled album was something I have been really looking forward to. So it is with an obvious biased opinion when I say I love this cd.
If you are a fan of bands that don't stay inside the genre-box than you gotta check these guys out. They do it all folk, rock, soul, reggae, gospel, funk, and blues.

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Continuation of Past Greatness, Judged Fairly | Posted February 22, 2010
One of the biggest surprises of the previous decade was the debut album from Canadian root-rockers Newworldson. Released in February of 2008, the album seamlessly mashed 50’s soul, 70’s funk, 90’s jam rock, and plenty of jazzy gospel into a wholly original and fun sound. The album had comedic lyrics, huge amounts of jam-styled solos (from every instrument, even a kazoo), and a solid foundation for future projects. Two years later, the guys are back with their self-titled sophomore album.

Starting out the album with an immediate punch is “You Set the Rhythm,” bouncing with huge standing-bass-lines, a western-movie-styled solo and goofy harmonies. Soon thereafter is album highlight “In Your Arms,” a beautiful tune with crunchy guitars from driving force Josh Toal leading the group through their trademark sound. But much of the album has songs like these: great songs that simply aren’t too different from the debut. Although full of immensely talented musicians who play together and bounce off each other with masterful precision, the band cannot thrive if they keep rereleasing what is essentially the same record. Some of the album’s most notable moments come when the quartet is trying new things.

The first example, lead single “There is a Way,” tones back much of the southern funk in order to perform an inspiring and straightforward exercise in retro-soul. Conversely, second single “That’s Exactly (How I Like It)” takes away the gospel and soul aspects in order to present pure funk, which unfortunately results in the album’s most repetitious and grating track. But this song cannot quite outdo the awkward and out-of-place cover of “Jamaican Praise Medley.” Both songs, the latter being a mash-up of authentic Caribbean hymnals, would be exciting and fun to hear live, but they lack flavor in their recorded versions.

Even though Newworldson clearly love jamming upbeat songs together, their songwriting skills are at a high when they sing ballads. Their debut only had one ballad, but it was a standout track. Here, the main ballad on display is “Rocky Road,” where the superb vocals of Joel Parisian sing, “We’re casting stones even though we’re all sinners, pointing fingers and we’re calling out names. But on this rocky road, there ain’t no one among us without blame.” Another ballad, “O Lament” is like a mix of a Spanish film’s soundtrack, Norah Jones and Thrice’s Earth EP, and the album concludes with a peaceful mood-setting ballad “Weary.” All future releases could be stronger if the band would allow for turning down the tempo sliders more often.

Newworldson is more of a continuation of prior greatness than a praiseworthy piece of art by itself, but the potential remains and the band’s debut continues to be one of the greatest hidden gems from the past decade. A good cliché to sum up this album: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Anyone who considers themselves a son of this New World in which we live can find pleasure in something this band does. If nothing else, they always have the ability to put a smile on the listener’s face.

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NEWWORLDSON | Posted February 16, 2010
A Fresh, Funky and Hip way to share the message of Christ and our Faith!! I dig it!!! 5 stars all the way! I love the Blues element and I have Non-Christian friends that will love it too!

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gizmodad (75)

Loved the single | Posted February 13, 2010
I heard the single "There Is A Way" on the radio and really liked it. This is the first I've heard of Newworldson and was immensely impressed. I hope that the rest of the songs on the album are just as good.

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Ugh... | Posted February 09, 2010
This CD is #7 on my "Worst Christian albums of all time" list. I don't know... maybe it's just not my style. Two stars for meaningful lyrics. None otherwise.

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