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Class Reject [edit]
by Jade Harrell | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: June 02, 2009

Jade Harrell began her music career at the age of 5, performing for astonished churchgoers in her hometown. This energetic Jacksonville native's sparkling debut release combines elements of funk, techno, pop, and R&B, matching danceable beats and catchy melodies with a fun, forward thinking attitude. Class Reject includes "Me and My Radio," "The UnSeen," "Don't Leave," and more.

Track Listing
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01. Into the Music Feat. Bonafide
02. Me and My Radio
03. Who You Are Feat. Ayiesha Woods
04. The Unseen
05. Say Goodbye
06. Rain Feat. Stefan the Scientist
07. Don't Leave
08. You and I
09. Addicted Feat. Coffee
10. Broken
11. What a Fool Believes
12. King of My Heart
13. Only Human

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I think Mary Mary just put the smack down on Family Force 5. Or was that Jill Scott singing Reggae? Wait. That has got to be a Motown cover. Forget trying to classify the sounds on Jade Harrell’s debut record, Class Reject. It’s all original and all new. With a hearty list of likes that begins with Rascal Flatts and checks off Prince, Brandy and Michael W. Smith along the way, dance/pop/singer/songwriter Jade Harrell experiments with an all-of-the-above list of genres that could keep her entire block hopping all night long.

Though her funky techno beats breed visions of disco balls and dance floors, Harrell goes deeper, finding her own “inner dance party” as she wades through the ins and outs of relationships—both human and heavenly. On the single “Me & My Radio,” she declares she “don’t need a club to dance tonight,” and gauging from the record’s back-to-back grooves, she’s right. “Who You Are” uses a pulsing piano backbone to drive home a message of self-acceptance, while the versatile singer rocks out on “The UnSeen,” asking the rebellious Christian, “Is the grass really greener on the other side?”

“Don’t Leave” features hardcore soul/pop with wild wurlitzers, downbeat tambourines and an Aretha-esque performance by Harrell. “Rain” flirts with reggae, and “What a Fool Believes” is none other than the Doobie Brothers ’70s classic, justified with an updated millennium sound, but completely and wonderfully recognizable.

Signed to rap/hip-hop duo GRITS’ Revolution Art label as a teen, Harrell is far from your typical new artist. And considering the musicians who discovered her, it’s not hard to understand why she is so artistically atypical. With a common denominator of dance, Class Reject throws an all-out musical soiree that’s as heavy in aural expression as it is hopeful messages.

Bye-bye, iShuffle. So long, mix tapes. One spin of Class Reject should satisfy all your musical cravings. —Andrew Greer

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Fun & Groovy | Posted July 01, 2009
Jade Harrell's songs pack a lot of fun and grooviness in her new album Class Reject. If you love songs that are catchy, happy, and make you want to bust a move then this is your kind of album. It has a dance kind of feel and most of the songs are fast. Reminds me a little bit like the band Out of Eden which sadly doesn't seem to be around anymore. I heard the song "Me and My Radio" and had to get the song but decided to just get the whole album instead! I'm glad that I did because I like all of the songs. Not the greatest album but it's a nice change from other music.

"Me and My Radio" - is definitely my favorite because of how addicting it is. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and won't leave! "Don't Leave" - A unique song in that it sounds like an oldie. "The Unseen" - Sounds a little more rockish perhaps? "What a Fool Believes" - A funky & snappy song.

"Into the Music Featuring Bonafide", "Addicted Featuring Coffee", "Rain Featuring Stefan the Scientist" - All three of these songs have some rap in it. Which is fine if you like rap.

"Say Goodbye", "King of My Heart" The slowest songs on this album and also not my favorite.

"Who You Are Featuring Ayiesha Woods", "You and I" - Songs that are just ok.

"Broken", "Only Human" - Both good songs but not much to say about them.

The only problem I have with this album is that some of the songs kind of sound the same...I have to say one more thing - that I love the album cover!

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