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Rush Of Fools [edit]
by Rush Of Fools | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 08, 2007

Track Listing
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01. Undo
02. We All
03. When Our Hearts Sing
04. Your Love
05. Fame
06. Peace Be Still
07. All We Ever Needed
08. Can't Get Away
09. For Those
10. Jesus Hurry
11. Already

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Great new artist, top 10 of 2007! | Posted June 16, 2008
"You've probably heard "Undo" and it's a great song, but the rest of the CD is just as good. Other highlights for me are "When Our Hearts Sing", "Jesus Hurry", "Peace Be Still", "Your Love" and "We All". Toss up between Rush of Fools and Jackson Waters for best new Christian artist of 2007."

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IronJedi (115)

No Foolin' | Posted August 14, 2007

Newcomers Rush of Fools deliver a catchy debut with their self-titled release. Falling squarely within the modern worship genre, RoF's album is like listening in on a modern praise & worship band's recording session. No surprise given that's how this young four piece outfit got their start. And considering the production talent (Brownlee, Ingram, and Davis) that helped shape the band's debut, the buzz surrounding this band is credible.

The band's delivery demonstrates that they wear their hearts on their sleeves as worship leaders/artists. The songs of RoF are simultaneously disarming and bracing; authentic adoration and encouragement abound. If you enjoy the modern worship of Foolish Things, Casting Crowns, By the Tree and The Listening (aka RnRWC), then by all means hurry out and get this CD.

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Rush of Fools | Posted October 26, 2011
A solid release from Rush of Fools. At this point I have become so famiiiar with the songs that it's hard to remember how many of these were released and became successful singles at Christian radio. Christ centered throughout, I really enjoyed this album and enjoy having it as part of my collection.

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Best album | Posted October 04, 2011
I find this to be the best album by Rush of Fools. Probably because I adore the song "Undo". It describes how I feel toward God. It's a great view as to what God does for us too! <3<3<3<3 Highly reccomend it!

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Great CD! | Posted March 14, 2009
Rush of Fools came out with a great album that is self-titled. All of these songs on this album are great worship tracks and songs to sing of great praise to the Lord during a good time of adoration. "Undo" is a great song for asking the Lord to undo the persons we all have become and to bring us back into a relationship with Him. Great, great lyrics to these songs. Both upbeat and ballads on this CD are great. It's a well put together CD with a lot of thought going into each of these songs. They are also great live in concert. This is definitely a CD to get for a great worship time or just a time to rock out to some good Christian music. =)

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Rush of Fools by Rush of Fools | Posted February 03, 2009
I really enjoyed this album. It's a great debut album. I was hesitant to buy it at first... but I'd heard good reviews on it, so that's what convinced me to purchase this CD. My favourite song is Your Love and I would recommend buying this album and any other Rush of Fools CD for that matter!! Well done guys!!

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awesome!! | Posted September 25, 2008
They are really godly in their music. my fave song is the radio single undo. i definitely recommend this cd to everyone who loves christian music!!!!

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Great! | Posted August 06, 2008
I like this cd! A few of my favorite tracks are Undo, When Our Heard Sings, All We Ever Need, and Jesus Hurry. I am looking foward to their new release in September!

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Wow | Posted July 15, 2008
First of all I will state the obious, Undo is a killer song. But despite the great music the best thing about these guy is there humility. They are real people who are being used by God in big ways.

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I love it, I love it, I love it! | Posted May 30, 2008
this is a great album! Its one to buy for sure!! I love how passionate they are for God!! My favourite songs on this album are "Undo", "We All", "Your Love", and "Can't Get Away". But they're all great!

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When I first heard their song "Undo", I was totally overcome. I had been going through times where I was like,"God can't forgive for what I've done. I'm not worthy of Him. I've done this and this and this over and over." But I was trying to 'undo' everything myself. But God is all powerful,I called out to Him one day while this song was playing and asked Him to 'undo' everything that was wrong in my life. And I'm sooooo glad He did. I was waiting on buying their album because I heard a song that I liked of an artist and then it was the only good song off the entire album. Rush of Fools,EVERY SINGLE SONG,NEW,and PASSIONATE!!! "When Our Hearts Sing"-Oh my goodness. Everytime I hear this song it makes my voice and heart sing along with them. I just can't get ovet it. "We All"-Another BIG OH MY GOODNESS!!! The chorus says-"We all,we all,we all fall to the ground.Cuz' You're right here with us. We all,we all,we all fall to the ground. At the name of Jesus.We all,we all,we all lift up You now." The beat is catchy and when you listen you can't help but jump and be humbled before God. "Your Love" is a song that talks about how we run and run but what we need is God's loving arms to wrap around us. It's just a cry to Him o chase away the darkness in our lives. To break down the walls we've built in our hearts blocking Him out. "All We Ever Needed"-the name says it all. This song talks about everything we need,everything we want is from God alone. It talks about what God has done. And that for what Jesus has done for us His children should fall down and worship Him.
It's amazing how God can use 5 simple guys to speak to ppl like you and me. This album is definitely worth your ears listening to.BUT BE PREPARED!!! I say again BE PREPARED for our heart strings to be plucked,and your life to be changed.Forever.

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