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Life [edit]
by ZOEgirl | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: November 20, 2001

ZOEgirl's brand of high-octane pop found an eager audience with the release of their debut in 2000. ZOEgirl followed up that success with Life, an album full of songs that inspire a fresh perspective on God's perfect love.

Track Listing
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01. With All Of My Heart
02. Even If
03. Dismissed
04. Waiting
05. R U Sure About That?
06. Ordinary Day
07. Plain
08. Nick Of Time
09. Forever 17
10. Here And Now
11. The Truth
12. It's Hard to Be A Girl (Special Edition Bonus Track)
13. Save Myself (Special Edition Bonus Track)
14. Anything Is Possible (Riverside Remix) (Special Edition Bonus Track)
15. I Believe (Riverside Remix) (Special Edition Bonus Track)

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teague (9)

Makes You Come Alive!!! | Posted June 04, 2009
This review is dedicated to the Zoegirls and the songs they sung, the message they brought and the love in their hearts. Thank you for being ‘Good Girls’. Your passion has made us ‘Dead Serious’ about the truth. Love you guys!

Who of us doesn’t remember their first three cd’s? (Please don’t answer that, I really only remember my first two). Since there was an enormous (well is, since I still have the cd’s) difference in the style of the two cd’s, I was excitedly expecting the arrival of Zoegirl’s ‘Life’ (a.k.a. my second cd).

Since I had not been overly exposed to ‘modern’ Christian music before that, except for the three tapes, (yeah tapes ), my cousin gave to my sis and me for Christmas (all because of you, Elzette!) I was not sure what to expect of this all-girl group and I was pleasantly surprised (ok, more like enthusiastically stoked!!!). Pure pop, pop, pop (I know it actually goes snap! crackle! and pop!:-) got my heart bouncing, feet grooving and neighbors complaining (just joking, we never had surround sound back then!).

True, at times, excessive pop can become a slight bore, but the variations in Zoegirl’s songs are such that the beat, rhythm (or is that the same as beat?), lyrics and melodies remain ‘alive’ and funky. All the songs, though, are not pop, and a few truly beautiful ballads, such as ‘Forever 17’ and ‘Plain’ pull at the heartstrings while my first fav in the cd ‘Here and Now’ adds a bit of rock. The hip hop vibes in ‘Nick of Time’ (which was on the heels of ‘Here and Now’) and ‘Are You Sure About That?’ adds another groovy dimension to the tunes on ‘Life’.

The topics covered range from praises to God, disappointment in broken relationships (Dismissed), encouragement and calling the listener to surrender to God’s arms. I enjoyed the last message that they added at the end of the final song, ‘The ABC’s of Christianity’ I could call it. It was nice to see that they co-wrote some of the songs and the sweetness of their personalities are radiated throughout the album.

This is a grooving album-fun, but with a deep message that is perfect for coloring your day in shades of happiness.

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[= | Posted February 03, 2009
For ZOEgirl's second album it is pretty darn good. I think that the girls really put their hard time and dedication into thios album and it definitely showed.

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LampaFan (191)

ZOEgirl Comes Back For Another Round! | Posted November 13, 2008
No sophomore slump here! This radio-friendly pop album features the hit songs "Dismissed", "Even If" and "With All of My Heart"! Some of my favorites include the sunny "Ordinary Day", the Spanish-guitar driven "R U Sure?" and the uplifting "Here and Now"! You rock ZOEgirl!

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GOOD JOB! | Posted September 08, 2008
ZOEgirl's second cd is a hit! Great Music, GREAT beats! Keep up the good work! God bless ZOEgirl's ministry, even though they has split up! Lead their lives, God, Amen

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Songs about Life! | Posted January 20, 2008
I truly enjoyed this cd-it got me through a lot of my teenage years. I truly love every song on this cd! I still remember getting it on Christmas day and listening to it nonstop for the rest of the day. "Even If" is so great! "Dismissed" was the ultimate girl song with me and my friends. "Ordinary Day" flat out rocks the house and has a great beat to dance to-can you say slumber party??? haha! "Plain" truly spoke to me and I cried to that song many times while dealing with low self-esteem.

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Great CD | Posted January 28, 2008
I love this one!

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