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Every Moment Vol. II EP [edit]
by Curt Anderson | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 13, 2018

An international ambassador of Christian music, Curt Anderson has released two full-length albums and two EPs since his recording debut in 2005. His most recent release, Every Moment (2016), featured the hit singles "Keep It Beating" and "Every Moment," both reaching the Top 5 on Christian radio charts in multiple countries.

Every Moment Vol. II contains remixes of three singles as well as four new tracks, and also gives fans a behind-the-scenes listen to demos of seven songs and five worktapes.

Track Listing
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01. Keep Me Falling
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02. Love Like You Love radio mix
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03. Identity
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04. No Matter What
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05. Honestly
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06. Heaven Come Down
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07. Keep Me Falling mellow mix
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08. Every Moment radio mix
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09. Beautiful Life acoustic demo
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10. Beautiful Life demo
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11. Love is Rising demo
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12. When it Hurts demo
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13. Keep it Beating demo
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14. For Us demo
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15. Love Like You Love demo
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16. When it Hurts worktape
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17. Keep it Beating instrumental worktape
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18. For Us worktape
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19. Love Like You Love instrumental worktape
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20. No Matter What worktape
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⁣The Red Sox and Brewers are rolling | Posted April 20, 2018
  On Wednesday, ESPN’s Dan Le Batard had MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on his radio show to talk about the Marlins. It went slightly off the rails, but in a manner where Le Batard was simply trying to get straight answers about a team and a community he cares a lot about and those answers weren’t coming easily.
  However, Manfred wasn’t used to being interviewed in such a <a href="https://www.marksense.net/pittsburgh-pirates-c-557_2030.html"><strong>pittsburgh pirates jersers</strong></a> combative manner and pushed back against any idea that he was lying in <a href="https://www.marksense.net/miami-marlins-c-557_3118.html"><strong>miami marlins jersers</strong></a> an equally combative manner. Eventually, things settled in enough that Manfred was able to insist he knew nothing about new Marlins ownership’s plans to cut millions of dollars of salary right away, which the Miami Herald exposed as if not an outright lie than at least a falsehood later that day.
  Now, The Big Lead is reporting that ESPN heard directly from MLB officials about that interview. ESPN’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Scheduling Burke Magnus released a statement about the report saying,
  “We have a terrific relationship with Major League Baseball and we’re in constant communication at all levels, so it’s not uncommon that we would discuss both issues and opportunities in the course of that communication.”
  Which, in layman’s terms, basically means that ESPN is aware MLB is pissed about this particular interview and will make sure something like it doesn’t happen <a href="https://www.marksense.net/baltimore-orioles-c-557_3140.html"><strong>baltimore orioles jersers</strong></a> <a href="https://www.marksense.net/chicago-white-sox-c-17_180.html"><strong>chicago white sox jersers</strong></a> to any high-level MLB officials again any time soon. Especially not to Manfred.
  ESPN has had to balance its business interests <a href="https://www.marksense.net/miami-marlins-c-6_1008.html"><strong>miami marlins jersers</strong></a> with what its personalities do for years now (hello Keith Olbermann, Bill Simmons, Jemele Hill, etc. etc.), and as far as incidents between league officials that ESPN finds important to its bottom line and its on-air talent, this is one of the more subdued examples of fallout from such a run-in.
  However, behind the <a href="https://www.marksense.net/baltimore-orioles-c-557_3140.html"><strong>baltimore orioles jersers</strong></a> scenes it seems that Le Batard was given a talking to, which he defended himself against during his radio show on Thursday. His Thursday statement’s included a comment that the entire thing had been “unpleasant” and defended his tone by saying,
  “We’re trying to do journalism but [there’s <a href="https://www.marksense.net/minnesota-twins-c-6_834.html"><strong>minnesota twins jersers</strong></a> a] conflict of interest that ESPN has between business and journalism and entertainment all the time.”
  He continued:<a href="https://www.marksense.net/"><strong>wholesale baseball jersers</strong></a>
  “I was not looking to get the commissioner to embarrass himself. And I certainly wasn’t looking to embarrass myself or this network. I simply wanted answers to difficult questions. And so the beginning part of that interview was not me grandstanding. It was me emotional and bothered, and then the first question <a href="https://www.marksense.net/san-francisco-giants-c-557_2038.html"><strong>san francisco giants jersers</strong></a> I asked him, he won’t answer it. He won’t give me a yes or no answer. And then when he does answer it, the thing that he says I know to not be true. And that’s where it escalated. He thought I was just a radio gasbag. He did not think that I actually knew and had facts.”
  Whether he was intending to embarrass Manfred or not (which I truly don’t believe that was his intent and that he was simply pushing back on a purposely opaque interview subject) it’s all how MLB perceives it and what pressure they put on ESPN to handle it in a public way in the aftermath.
  It looks like for now, these followup comments by Le Batard look like he’s in the clear. But without some care, he could be the next ESPN personality suspended for comments they make while they are doing their job. Especially if MLB keeps making phone calls to the higher ups at the network.

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