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IX [edit]
by Spoken | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: September 08, 2017

With two decades of music behind them, Spoken has proven themselves to be a prime example of a band continually striving to better themselves and evolve with each subsequent release.

Track Listing
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01. This Is Not the End
02. Stronger
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03. Dying Without You
04. Silence
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05. I Will Not Fade
06. Remember the Memories
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07. Pages of the Past
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08. The Light
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09. Sleepless Nights
10. In My Sight
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Thrashing Music Filled With Hope | Posted September 13, 2017
While riding the momentum of the Unleashed Tour with fellow Christian rockers Skillet, Spoken released their ninth studio album, aptly titled IX, on September 8.

IX features ten tracks and starts out with thrashing guitars, heavy beats from the drums and melodic-yet-fierce vocals on "This is Not the End," a song about perseverance and hope--a common theme throughout the record. The chorus sums up the message of hope: "This is not the end I know you'll make it / Through the unknown to where you belong / This is not the end I know you'll make it / Finding the hope in where you belong."

This is followed up by what is sure to become a fan favorite, "Stronger," which is another in-your-face rocker about overcoming life's challenges to be "stronger than you were before." Throughout IX, Spoken continues to drive home their message of hope with driven melodies and intense vocals. "Silence" is a cry of desperation for the band, asking for help to "see the world through their eyes."

One of the heaviest tracks on IX is "I Will Not Fade." This hardcore anthem punches fast with smashing vocals introducing a striking song about second chances to rise above mistakes instead of fading away. The following tune slows it down a bit with "Remember the Memories," challenging listeners and fans to contemplate what legacy will be left behind.

Every great rock album not only speaks to their hardcore fans, but also features radio-friendly rock ballads. Spoken comes through on this album with "The Light" and "Sleepless Nights," two easy-listening melodies to close out an otherwise heavyweight record. If there were any critiques of this record, it would be that the last three tracks were ballads, which leaves listeners wanting more heavy material at the end.

The Bottom Line: Restoration and hope are prominent themes throughout IX, a passionate, hard-rocking album sure to satisfy heavy musicl fans while speaking to the soul. 

Song to Download Now
"Stronger" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Rock Longevity | Posted September 08, 2017
Few bands have had the level of steady longevity that Spoken can boast. The title of their new record IX, roman numerals for nine representing the number of studio albums they've released, speaks to the reality of their work ethic and faithfulness to the calling of crafting hard rock centered on messages of redemptive hope. 

Releasing less than two years after 2015's exceptional album Breathe Again and drawing on some of the same team, IX doesn't stray too far from the tone established on its predecessor. However, Spoken has never been one to stop pushing themselves, and there's enough evolution on this project that it strikes the difficult balance of familiar and fresh. Single "Stronger" exists in that beautiful tension, with searing guitar riffs and a melodic, urgent chorus: "sometimes you hurt so long you don't even notice the pain is gone." "I Will Not Fade" has similar strengths with ferocious riffs shoring up a theme of relentless determination.

One of the way this album moves forward is by exploring new territory in both guitar and vocal tones. "Pages of the Past" sees heavy distortion on the guitars bleeding into electronic accents, creating an eerie and aggressive atmosphere that begs to be recreated live. "This Is Not the End" shows off Matt Baird's incredibly versatile voice, soaring through a message of enduring hope. 

With IX Spoken manages to transition between heavy and heartfelt ballads effortlessly. Worshipful "In My Sight" closes the record, following in the tradition of vertical musings of praise we've heard on Spoken records past. The song has a sense of rededication as it sings "I will trust that You are in control / I will leave all of my doubts somewhere behind / somehow along the way, I'll keep You in my sight." "Sleepless Nights" is also mellow and almost calming, even through the detailed guitar work in the bridge.

The themes on the album range everywhere from the worshipful tone of previously mentioned "In My Sight" to the angry ache of "Silence," which scathingly calls out someone who has a complete lack of sympathy for those who are hurting. All of the themes remain tethered to the concept of an eternal hope in Christ that runs deeper than any betrayal or pain. "Dying Without You" phrases it this way: "I was not alone, I held the hand of all creation / Say my name, and I will run to You, fall into You / I'm to blame, and now I know it's true / I'm dying without You." 

The Bottom Line: IX shows Spoken's continued ability to stay grounded in their history while expanding into new corners of rock excellence. If you've ever wondered how to achieve staying power in a shifting industry landscape, you can find a perfect case study in Spoken's dedication to ultimate redemption paired with their ability to keep moving forward musically. 

Song to Download Now:
"Silence" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Nights | Posted February 12, 2018
If you ask me to tell my best track in this album then I say sleepless nights because the lyrics of this track are so good.I listen to it first time at uk bestessays point and from there I also download it. Keep working like that.

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