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The World is Waking EP [edit]
by Unspoken | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 25, 2013

Following the success of their Top Ten hit, Who You Are, Unspoken is poised to release their second EP on Centricity Music, The World Is Waking. The 5-song project will be exclusively available to online digital music outlets June 25th, with physical copies on sale at all Unspoken tour dates. The album was produced by the award-winning songwriter and producer, Seth Mosley, and the single, Lift My Life Up, was co-written by Mosley, Unspoken and Jason Ingram. The song will be going for adds at radio on June 14th.

Track Listing
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01. Lift My Life Up
02. Everything
03. In Your Hands
04. Walking Away
05. Bury the Workman

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Dawno (57)

Emerging Voice | Posted June 25, 2013
Lead singer Chad Mattson and bandmates Mike Gomez, Jon Lowry, and Ariel Munoz comprise up-and-coming Centricity outfit Unspoken. While the band is still gaining recognition, their single “Who You Are” from their major-label debut EP charted in the top ten on Billboard’s NCA Chart and at AC radio. Follow-up EP The World is Wakingwill prove that success no accident.

While on a mission trip to the Dominion Republic, Chad Mattson met group co-founder Mike Gomez. The trip was a life-saver for Mattson who, by getting his hands dirty, came away with a cleansed heart. The band’s name signifies that active work is an unspoken display of God’s love while also serving as a prompt not to leave one’s heart unvoiced. 

From the opening verses of The World is Waking, it’s clear that there is an attitude of surrender to God and obedience to Him.

On the chorus to first track “Lift My Life Up,” Chad Mattson sings in declaratory fashion, “I lift my life, lift my life up / I give it all in surrender / I lift my heart, lift my heart up / You can have it forever. / All my dreams, all my plans / Lord I leave it in Your hands.” This uplifting track, Unspoken’s current radio single, is the result of a writing collaboration with producer Seth Mosley and Jason Ingram. Mattson, who displays impressive range with falsetto vocals, gives an energetic performance that demonstrates his spiritual resolve to hand control over to God.

Informed by Matthew 6, “Everything” confidently communicates the sufficiency of the Lord’s provision. No matter what life may throw our way, we need not worry, for God will provide. The chorus reminds that in Jesus, He has already provided all we need: “I have everything, everything because of what You’ve done / Neither life or death can take away the power of Your blood / And that is everything, everything, and will always be enough / If I only have Your love, I have everything.”

The lovely “In Your Hands” continues the record’s theme of surrender in a more intimate way. The album title is found in the lyrics which serve a two-fold purpose: reminding us that giving up control means spending time with God through prayer, while also comforting us with the knowledge that peace is gained through that connectedness: “The world is waking and I am here to meet You on my knees / When I’m with You, my soul finds rest / Cause I can leave it in your Hands.”

Boasting a pretty piano intro/outro and a tight melody, radio-friendly “Walking Away” seems poised to be a future single. It contains the lesson that getting everything you thought you wanted may not necessarily bring you happiness. True joy is found through spiritual rather than worldly means. Mattson again writes from the heart, drawing from his past battle with addiction. Significantly, the song celebrates not merely walking away from something – the world/darkness/trouble -- but walking into something – God.

By recording live around one mic in the studio, Unspoken captured a stirring raw energy and spirit on “Bury the Workman” that suits the subject matter – an account of the lives and sacrifices of Stephen, James, Peter, and Jesus, and -- most importantly -- Jesus’ resurrection. All of which prove that “you can bury the workman but the work will go on.” Fittingly, an EP that began with surrender ends with an anthem testifying to the unconquerable power of Jesus and those – past, present, and future – who devote their lives to continuing His work and His teachings.

Closing Thoughts:
The World is Waking, Unspoken’s sophomore EP on the Centricity label, is thematically centered on yielding control to God and living one’s life in obedience to and in relationship with Him. The personal yet relatable lyrics are delivered with a passion that ensures these songs will resonate in the listener’s heart. Unspoken has created an energetic, solid record rooted in God’s word.

“In Your Hands” and “Walking Away” are probably the strongest contenders for the next radio single, but raucous “Bury the Workman” will turn the most heads.

Song to Download Now: 
“Lift My Life Up”

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Amazing new EP | Posted June 19, 2013
 Unspoken definitely "Got to Me" ;) with their single Who You Are. However, I have to say that other than "Who You Are" I wasn't all that impressed with the group. Get to Me, just didn't grab my attention like some other new groups had. After listening to the streaming of The World is Waking, however, I'm seeing Unspoken in a new light. All the songs are amazing in my opinion, but "Everything" and "Bury the Workman" really stood out to me. When Unspoken finally releases a full album, I think it'll be a big hit!

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I really enjoyed it!!! | Posted June 18, 2013
 I love Unspoken and their new ep ''The World Is Waking'' is awesome,I'd compare it to 2012's Get To Me.

After releasing their debut EP June last year, pop-soul Christian quartet Unspoken have been quickly climbing up the radio charts with their hit song ‘Who You Are’. One of my favourite EP releases of 2012, this band formed in the Dominican Republic are able to infuse contemporary Christian music with their Caribbean heritage (with two of their members from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico). On the same record label as other respected artists like Aaron Shust, Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson; Unspoken’s flair to give us soulful pop a la Newworldson or Jimmy Needham is one of their greatest assets, with many listeners responding positively to their heartfelt tracks, myself included. Releasing their full album next year February, this 5 song EP is enough for Unspoken fans to enjoy and mull over til next year, with the collection of 5 songs reminding us that God has given everything He has for us, and our natural response ought to be that of surrender, and lifting our life up to say ‘…have Your way in me…’ (‘Lift My Life Up’). A breakout band that ought to be on the considered alongside Rhett Walker Band, Moriah Peters, For King and Country and Lindsay McCaul as the nominations for the New Artist of the Year at the 2013 Dove Awards; Unspoken’s release is a surprise and a welcomed addition to one of my favourite albums/EP’s of June 2013. From pop anthems ‘Lift My Life Up’ to the reggae-sounding EP ender ‘Bury The Workman’, there is something for anyone who loves CCM, or just likes something unique and soul-orientated.

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Catchy lyrics and a good beat | Posted June 18, 2013
 I enjoyed this album and look forward to the release.  I will definitely add it to my play list.  It's a great change from my normal worship genre.  The lyrics and catchy  Im sure i will be singing along in no time.  

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Unspoken EP | Posted June 18, 2013

Listened to preview and loved every song.  I am a fan of Unspoken and can't wait to see where God leads them!  This MP3 is on my wish list to purchase when it is released.  Thanks NRT for the free preview!

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Underrated band | Posted June 18, 2013
If you've never heard of them before, please listen.  If you have heard them before, their new CD is very well done. 

Unspoken has a great sound and they are quite versatile.  This album has a great mix of slower passionate sounding songs, some upbeat foot stomping rythm beats and some great contemporary songs.  Great lyrics, great sound. I hope many people will check out their sound.   

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Kayle (7)

Very enjoyable to listen to | Posted June 18, 2013
 As a first time listener to Unspoken, I enjoyed their music and will probably check out their other music! I personally thought the first track the best, but the others close behind with their catchy tunes and rhythm

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Unspoken new ep | Posted June 18, 2013
Great album. I was glad to here some older stuff that hadent been studio recorded. The new songs are very good. The only very small thing I did not care for is when Chad goes into his real high tones it is to much for him. That is very minor though. Unspoken is an outstanding band and real nice guys. God has blessed them and they give Him all the glory.

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