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The Real Life (Deluxe Edition) [edit]
by Bread of Stone | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 18, 2014

Highlighting a maturing sound and presence that’s theirs alone, the long awaited new album 'The Real Life' from indie/alt pop rockers Bread Of Stone builds on the artistic success of the band’s acclaimed EP 'Saturate' (2010).

Delivering on the fresh new sound that has engaged music fans who have seen the band tour with some of the biggest names in CCM, including Newsboys, Petra, DecemberRadio, Building 429, Supechick and many others, lead single 'Hold On' is already making impact at CHR and rock nationwide.

Produced in association with renowned Nashville hit-makers Lynn Nichols (Switchfoot, Phil Keaggy) and Tedd Tjornhom (MuteMath, Faith Hill); 'The Real Life' showcases the band’s razor-sharp lyrical message, while broadening Bread Of Stone’s musical arsenal.

From the infectious, danceable groove of first single ‘Hold On’ to the fiery indie rock of ’Parachute’, ‘One Way Runner’ and the irrepressible title track, 'The Real Life' presents Bread Of Stone as the band solidifies its standing as one of CCM’s emerging acts; while emotionally charged praise tracks like ‘Beautiful’; ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘Heartbeat’ are sure to be staples in the genre for years to come.
'The Real Life' by Bread Of Stone is released September 18, 2012.

Track Listing
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01. Hold On
02. The Real Life
03. The Line
04. Changed
05. Parachute
06. Beautiful
07. Supernatural
08. I'll Be
09. One Way Runner
10. Heartbeat
11. You Who Saved Me
12. Goodbye World
13. Hold On (Kiddo Remix)
14. Supernatural (Lovebomb)
15. Goodbye World (David Thulin Remix)

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KellyS (37)
Rated 3.5 Stars

Good Bread | Posted September 27, 2012
When brothers, Ben and Bill Kristijanto, Tim Barnes, and Wesley Holt decided to come together as Bread Of Stone, their mission was much more than creating music. As Independent musicians, they not only write, produce, and perform their own music, but they also promote "The Light Project", a ministry they founded for the underprivileged in Indonesia. With the release of The Real Life, Bread Of Stone aims to remind listeners that though the world constantly tries to pull us in different directions, our lives should stay centered on Christ and His truths.
"Hold On" is not only the first track, but also the first single of the album. Serving as a great introduction to the band’s electronic rock vibe and rhythmic guitars, Ben Kristijanto sings the encouraging chorus, "Hold on / When you just can’t face another day / Hang on / When your faith is gone and you don’t know why / Stand on / What you believe / Follow the One that leads / Never let go / Just hold on." With a variation of rhythms amidst guitar, piano, and drums, sounds that don’t seem like they should go together, actually do and make for a very interesting mixture of instruments and electronic distortions.
Title track, "The Real Life" starts out with piano and electronic strings as Kristijanto questions, "Are you ready for the real life / For all the questions in your world / Are you looking for an answer / There’s only One / There’s only One." This entire record, is about the daily struggles we all go through, but this song in particular cuts to the heart of the matter--what is at the center of it all? Ending in echoes of "Are you looking for the real life?" the lyric leaves the listener to answer that question for themselves.
Slower tracks, "The Line" and "I’ll Be" have more of a contemplative feel, as well as less of an electronic vibe, but still keep the same hopeful and truth-laden lyrics as the other tracks.
"Supernatural" starts out slow with echoing guitars and distorted static sounds, then gets more upbeat and rhythmic as Kristijanto sings the chorus, "When you touched me I got a feeling / Something within my soul / It was like no other feeling / Like a love bomb falling in the dead of night / A supernova of healing light / I got a feeling / It’s supernatural healing." Though I haven’t heard anyone describe this kind of experience in these exact terms, it definitely paints an accurate picture of how God’s healing power can have such an impact and at times be overwhelming.
Closing Thoughts:
If Michael Tait (Newsboys and dcTalk) and David Zach (Remedy Drive) decided to create a record together, it may sound something like The Real Life. With truth-laden lyrics and a symphony of sounds, each song is different and unique, which is hard to come by these days. Bread Of Stone may not be a band many have heard of yet, but if The Real Life is any example of the creative musicianship this quartet has to offer, don’t be surprised if you start hearing much more from them.

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The Real Life??? | Posted September 23, 2012
 Too bad i will be the person to burst everyone's bubbles but this album is not so great as my fellow reviewrs have stated. The first part of this album isn't mind-blowing as anticipate, the second half of the album is actually decent but with the releases we have seen this year and since August this album is pretty weak. However it is a great effort and see them improving and finding that comfortable niche.

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awesome | Posted September 19, 2012
heard a sample of the album last year in september and from the little bit i heard of it i knew that this was going to be an amazing album! 

this album far exceeded my expectations! Congrats!  

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Supernatural. | Posted September 19, 2012
This kind of stuff is the reason I listen to Christian music. This is definately their best album. The lyrics really bring you close up and personal with God and living your life for Him. The melodies are smooth and help me chill out.

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slh533 (1)
Rated 5 Stars

Worth the wait! | Posted September 18, 2012
BOS has been working on this for what seems like FOREVER! :) It is well worth the wait! The lyrics are honest and encouraging, not just the norm for Christian Music.  It is obvious they worked as hard on this as they do with everything else!

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