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Lovesick [edit]
by The Glorious Unseen | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: October 09, 2012

The Glorious Unseen began in a living room with a Sunday night Bible Study. Ben Crist began leading worship at the Bible Study and his friends were touched by his passionate songs and urged him to continue writing and follow his passions. Two records later and numerous tours under his belt, Ben is back from the drawing board with yet another fresh and passionate take at a worship record. Having worked with Christian music heavy hitters Steve Hindalong and Marc Byrd (Leeland, Jeremy Camp, Third Day), The Glorious Unseen is greatly respected in both the pop and alternative scenes, having been on tour with the likes of Anberlin, Underoath, The Almost, mewithoutYou, and more! This release is sure to please even those who do not necessarily enjoy mainstream worship music.

Track Listing
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01. The Love of God
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02. Pour My Love On You
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03. You Have Ruined Me
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04. In This Moment
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05. Make Me A Child
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06. Brand New
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07. Harp In My Heart
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08. The More I Seek You
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09. How Could I Withhold My Heart?
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10. Can a Nation Be Changed?
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A Worshipful Effort from The Glorious Unseen | Posted October 16, 2012
The Glorious Unseen offers up a pleasant worship album in Lovesick. The title might hint at an upbeat, poppy album that never really shows up. There are certainly some good hooks and great musical moments throughout (such as "Harp in my Heart"), but it's mostly pretty laid back stuff from start to finish.
"In This Moment" and "Brand New" are probably the upbeat highlights of the album and would work well on the radio. They are musically appealing and I do wish there were more songs like them on the album. "The Love of God" and "Make Me A Child" more illustrate the slow, laid-back approach that permeates most of the album. The music's always pretty good but the tracks stay pretty grounded and safe. The vocals are good but feel a bit mismatched for something so laid back. They regularly feel like they want to do more than the songs allow.
Some of the track breaks are a bit awkward as well, with 2 of what feel like "epilogue" tracks being too connected musically to their predecessors in the track listing to stand on their own. ("You Have Ruined Me" and "How Could I Withhold My Heart") Again, the music never gets boring or poorly done. Both tracks are actually quite enjoyable. But they do often feel like they should've been combined with the track before them. (Which I believe some early tracklistings did.) These are minor nitpickings for a physical CD, but potentially more noticeable in the era of iPods and playlists.
Lyrically, it's uplifting enough throughout. ("I am needing to be clothed / will you cover me?" from "Make Me A Child" and "There's a song in my soul and only you can sing it" from "Harp In My Heart.") The lyrics never drag the songs down but they are still on the standard side of things.
The contemplative atmosphere that is present throughout the album is fitting enough and helps the entire project feel cohesive and complete. It never feels gimmicky or forced and that help makes most issues sit secondary to the overall feeling of earnestness in each of the songs.
Closing Thoughts: 
This is a fairly safe release that should appeal to fans of the genre. It doesn't really shake things up too much. It sort of is what it appears to be, which I suppose is fine for worship releases. It uplifts our Savior like worship music is supposed to do and so on that front, the album's a success.

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