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All We Need [edit]
by Rachael Lampa | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 27, 2011

Dove Award winning artist Rachael Lampa is one of the most recognized Christian female artists of the past decade. And after 5 years, Rachael is back with an album of depth and maturity. Produced by highly recognized producers David Garcia (Mandisa and Group 1 Crew), Ben Glover (Britt Nicole, Francesca Battistelli) and Marshall Altman (Natasha Bedingfield) Rachaelís next installment will satisfy hungry fans that have been cultivated since her debut record in 2000. This new album is a welcome return from one of Christian musicís finest vocalists and prove to be one of the most inspiring Christian Pop albums of 2011!

Track Listing
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01. All We Need
02. Remedy
03. Savior's Face
04. Beauty's Just a Word
05. No Escape
06. Uncharted Territory
07. Elevate
08. My One and Only
09. Run To You
10. Feel
11. Human (featuring Johnny Lang)
12. Live for You (2011)
13. Blessed (Acoustic) [AmazonMP3 Bonus Track]
14. When I Fall (Acoustic) [iTunes Bonus Track]

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Welcome Back! | Posted December 26, 2011
Of all the artists that hit it big around the start of the new decade, I've missed Rachael Lampa the most. Her voice is simply incredible and one of the best in our industry, but as Word Records continued to push her to more and more to an adult, contemporary sound, wanting their next Jaci Velasquez or Nicole C. Mullen, I lost interest. Rachael was a young woman who needed a deeper musical landscape to play in other than ballad, after overpowered balled. And on All We Need, her first new album in seven years, we're getting just that. 
For me, I've almost had to be reintroduced to Rachael. After a few albums of not quite getting what I want, I've been taken aback by the fact that this is the album I've been waiting for a long for from Rachael and she delievers wonderfully. The album didn't make my Top 10 but it's defintely in my Top 15 of the year. It's full of emotion, powerful lyrics, amazing vocal runs, and it's just a great pop, youthful album that allows her beautiful voice to simply shine track after track. 
Welcome back Rachael! I can't wait to hear what's next.

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Rachael Lampa | Posted September 26, 2011
The early millennium was a thriving time for female pop artists in the secular music arena, with names like Britney and Christina to thank for that. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before Christian music had their say in the genre, producing up-and-coming artists such as Stacie Orrico, Joy Williams, ZOEgirl, and several other talented young vocalists. Among that group was a 15-year-old girl by the name of Rachael Lampa, a girl who’d soon be known for her catchy songs, and most notably, her larger than life voice. 
Over the next several years, Rachael went on to become one of the most successful young woman in CCM. A handful of #1 singles, five albums, non-stop touring, multiple Dove nominations and appearances on several TV shows performing her music. As you can imagine, after spending most of her teen years in the spotlight--literally--Lampa decided to take a few years away from extensive touring in 2006 after her contract with Word Records came to a close. As time went on though, with what seemed like an endless hiatus, longtime fans wondered if Rachael Lampa was ever going to make a comeback to the Christian music scene.
Truth be told, Rachael never actually stopped making music. Not publicly anyway. As a matter of fact, in the five years she spent out of the limelight, she was in the breeding ground of writing what become her best work to date. Having moved from Nashville to Los Angels, come into adulthood, dabbled around in acting, married singer/songwriter Brendan McCarthy and moved BACK to Nashville, all the changes in her life were the perfect source of material for Rachael’s notoriously creative spirit. 
“If there is anything that I’ve learned in the past 10 years, it is to slow down and enjoy the day that I am living in,“ Rachael says in a short autobiography of herself on her website, “To be present and available to God and life and opportunities.”
In 2011, to the exceeding delight of fans, Rachael’s transparent creativity finally took flight once more with her long-awaited project, All We Need
The album starts off with the title track, “All We Need,” and is the perfect opening to what is sure to be a wonderfully introspective album. Right off the bat, you’re going to hear both vocal and lyrical maturity, and it doesn’t stop there, as the listener rolls right along into the album’s first single, “Remedy.” Hip-hop/pop inspired, it brings to mind some of Rachael’s earlier work, and showcases her well-known ability to be a musical chameleon, being able to bounce from style to style flawlessly. 
The eye-opening “Savior’s Face,” talks about how we as humanity are all the same in our broken nature and need for a Savior. “Beauty’s Just A Word” speaks of the lessons we can take out of the painful moments in life, which are ultimately allowed for our own good. The jazz infused “No Escape” is sure to stay stuck in your head with it’s irresistible melody, while “Uncharted Territory,” encourages the listener to take risks and not be afraid to go after what they’ve been called to do.
“Elevate” might be the most inspiring song on the record, although similar to the message found on the previous song, it talks about not letting standards hold you back from all your meant to become. The club infectious “My One And Only” is a catchy love song about that one person who will always have our back, and is surely going to become a fan favorite. 
An unexpected but well executed cover of Taio Cruz’s “Run To You” makes an appearance on the album, and transitions nicely into “Feel,” which brings to mind Rachel’s previous statement about taking life one day at a time. It’s a beautiful song about learning to embrace every moment in life, including the ones that hurt. 
Two bonus songs on the album include the inclusion of “Human,” a duet with Johnny Lang which appeared on a Rachael’s quietly released Human EP back in 2010, and a 2011 re-make to one of Rachael’s biggest smash hits, “Live For You.” It’s a treat to hear the song featured on this album, rebirthed for a new a generation to hear, and it brings this album to a fun and worshipful ending. 
Closing Thoughts:
2011 has been an absolutely incredible year for pop music in the CCM market with no signs of slowing down. Among a list of numerous albums not to be missed, Rachael’s Lampa’s All We Need is one of them. This is without a doubt Christian music’s biggest comeback of 2011 and has certainly been well worth the wait. Not only will decade long fans of the singer be thrilled with all of the new material, but newer fans will also be immediately drawn in by Rachael’s unique style and raw passion--raw definitely being a key word on this album. Lyrically, this is Rachael’s most mature and solid work to date, and it will be exciting to hear how her creativity continues to grow as her life continues to change.
I certainly hope we won’t see another five year gap between albums. Rachael Lampa has been one of the most sorely missed voices in the industry, and I speak for many when I say: it’s a treat to have her back.

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Rachael Lampa: All We Need Review | Posted September 27, 2011
Rachael Lampa knows firsthand that Jesus is all we need. After several years of heavy touring, a number of top ten singles (four of which reached #1), and even a best hits album, Rachael Lamp seemed to be reaching the peak of her career. But suddenly, it seemed that her career was over. Realizing that music was defining who she was, she exited the music scene, and nothing was heard from her, until she independently released the Human EP, and a handful of Christmas tracks in late 2009/early 2010. She also got married, and finally discovered her true identity. Her new album All We Need, set for release on Universal Records, shares her new realization. It speaks of a simple life, one led by Jesus Christ, and going where He leads us. At the same time, Rachael returns to her enjoyable contemporary pop with a gospel twist here and there, and of course, her stellar vocals. 
With a disco twist comes the opening title track with beautiful harmonies and an overabundance of energetic, overpowering drums, as we are reminded that “love is all we need.” The catchy pop single “Remedy,” featuring a nice steady piano, speaks of Jesus being the remedy to our problems, while especially enjoyable is the right-on lyrics of the second verse: “You’re my medicine/ relieve my pain again and again/ always take me back no matter where I’ve been, where’ve I’ve been.” It also speaks of running back to Jesus when we wander off and being accepted back by Him. 
The beautiful, contemporary track “Savior’s Face” has a heavenly feel to it, speaking of how we are all sinners, and only grace can save us and heal our broken hearts. “Beauty’s Just A Word” is clever lyrically, speaking of how obstacles in our life only call for a greater victory: “Hurt is just a chance to heal/ and tears are just a call to feel/ and pain, beauty’s just a word without you.” It is followed by the fun, catchy, and upbeat “No Escape,” stuffed with plenty of enjoyable fill-ins, reminding us that there is no escape from the love that Jesus has for us. 
More serene, “Uncharted Territory” speaks of the fear of exploring the unknown places of our life, and has very contagious lyrics: “Never done this before how am I supposed to know where to go from here?/ No prescription, no rules, no direction, no signs that will make it clear/ like the first man on the moon, Columbus 1492/ like baby steps and babies don’t worry, so why should I?/ Uncharted territory…” “Elevate,” still on the slower pop side of things, encourages the listener with this statement: “Don’t let the circumstances keep you down/ You might just miss your chance to leave the ground,” and encourages them to elevate, rise above the circumstances, and change our lives. 
From “My One and Only”’s opening, you’d think it was destined to be a piano track. Nope, it’s actually a quite upbeat dance/pop track, a sweet love song to Rachael’s new husband, as she says, “My love will last forever, that’s right I said forever/ it’s all because you made my heart believe/ it’s something powerful, so indestructible/ it will live for eternity.” Sounding like a slower version of “Remedy” comes “Run to You,” reminding us that we can always run to the arms of our Savior when life has us down or even when things are going just as we have planned. Also, “Feel” speaks of the need for a softened heart, and is autobiographical of Rachael’s story of quitting music to find her identity in Christ. Her soaring vocals definitely matched the music perfectly. 
“Human,” a duet Rachael actually did with Jonny Lang on her independent record by the same name, speaks of hiding the insecurities and hurts inside, and the struggles of wondering if people would still accept you for who you are. Finally, All You Need closes with a fresh 2011 version of “Live For You,” which, although more acoustic than the original 2000 version, was good to hear on Rachael’s latest album. 
Two bonus tracks close All We Need – “Human,” a duet Rachael actually did with Jonny Lang on her independent record by the same name, speaks of hiding the insecurities and hurts inside, and the struggles of wondering if people would still accept you for who you are. Finally, the album closes with a fresh 2011 version of “Live For You,” which, although more acoustic than the original 2000 version, was good to hear on Rachael’s latest album. 
It is so great to hear Rachael Lampa back in the contemporary Christian music world! Her new songs are fresh, honest, and real, as she shares her struggles, hopes, and the ways that God encouraged her through it all. You’ll definitely enjoy Rachael Lampa’s 2011 release All We Need, packed with twelve pop tracks that take a walk down memory lane of Rachael’s career, while simultaneously delivering a new set of songs that will get stuck in your head, and will make it to the top of your favorites list this year! Fans of Rachael Lampa will definitely not be disappointed by this album! and

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Amazing | Posted August 31, 2012
I have been waiting for Rachael Lampa to record new music for quite some time! I've been listening to hear since I was little! This album was fantastic!! She came back with songs that were beautiful and filled with praise! I pre-ordered this album and in no way did it disappoint! 

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LampaFan (192)
Rated 4 Stars

Rachael Lampa Returns with "All We Need" | Posted September 23, 2011

Since the year 2000, Rachael Lampa has been one of the most successful female artists in the industry. With four number one singles to her name and three highly acclaimed studio albums, Lampa returns to music after a few years of musical quietness. She first came back on the scene with her independent EP Human. Now in 2011, she is married, signed to a major label, and ready to take the world by storm again with her fourth full-length studio album All We Need.

The album starts out with the incredibly upbeat and optimistic title track. Lampa’s soaring vocals fit perfectly over the light pop beat as she belts out “Love is all we need!”

Lead single “Remedy” is the second song on the album. This piano-led track features sick urban beats, glossy strings, and inspiring lyrics. This was the perfect song to re-introduce Rachael’s voice to radio.

“Savior’s Face” is a sunny track that speaks of how humans can only be saved by Jesus Christ. Rachael’s vocals are particularly strong and urgent in the song’s sonic chorus.

The album’s first ballad “Beauty’s Just a Word” comes next. A beautiful song with moving lyrics shows off Rachael’s incredible vocal prowess. The backing strings provide an epic feeling to the song.

“No Escape” is a funky urban with zesty horn programming and a sing-a-long chorus. “Uncharted Territory” is a touching pop ballad that addresses the topic of feeling vulnerable and unprepared for something.

“Elevate” is an incredibly gorgeous song that sounds musically similar to Rebecca St. James or Charmaine. Lyrically, the song is an inspiring track about changing your life.

“My One and Only” at first seems like a ballad with a soft piano intro. However, the track suddenly switches gears an turns into a full-fledged dance track. It’s nice to hear a catchy dance song with a great vocalist to go along as well.

“Run to You” is a pop ballad with steady beats and a light chorus. “Feel”, the album’s final main track is a beautiful piano-driven song that showcases Rachael’s incredible, breathy vocals.

“Human”, the first of two bonus tracks, is the title track from Rachael’s EP of the same name. A duet with Johnny Lang, the song mainly uses guitar and piano as far as instrumentation goes, while lyrically it speaks of how even celebrities are human and make mistakes.

“Live for You (2011)” is the final song on the album. Originally recorded for her debut album by the same name, this version has been completely updated with a light-dance vibe. Also, Rachael’s vocals have been refined in these eleven years so it sounds smoother and clearer than on the first release.

Digital versions of the album also include an acoustic version of her song “Blessed” from her debut album.

Overall, All We Need is a wonderful addition to Rachael Lampa’s extensive musical catalogue and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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